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Legends Of Tomorrow 2x16 + Arrow 5x18 Reviewed

The Legion of Doom have rewritten history. Sara is evil, again. She hunts down heroes like Felicity. When did Felicity get fighting skills? She has dyed hair and a mask, but not for long. Ha ha! Damien had his henchwomen kill all the heroes. Merlyn shrieks and Thawne wears a suit. Merlyn has his wife, son and Thea who he ignores. Jax serves Thawne. The LOT are kept alive to be messed with cos evil is dumb and petty.

Mick and Snart run around and Mick’s long nursed bitterness has had enormous ramifications. There is no social responsibility. Rip bores. Gideon bores. Damien has murderous impulses and Merlyn isn’t eternally thankful for his do-over. This show has deficiencies but this ep is a notably good thing. There is overacting. Ray is a janitor. There are Trump jokes and Nate is a loser.

There is a magic gun. Merlyn rages. Nate has bad hair. Sara wears evil black leather and poses. Snart sneers. Nate looks constipated. There is evil eye make up and no one has fearsome respect for the LOD. Why do TPTB have an absolute inability to make good eps on a consistent basis? The LOT decide to set right what once went wrong. Stein is DUMB. There is fighting and death. The ep ends with a very significant problem for the LOT. This was satisfying and very good.

Best Lines:
“The bimbo brigade.”

“Get rid of that.”

“You can even clap again!”

“Plan an escape, just like old times.”

“Since when do we get summoned?”

“Subtle inconsistencies in the fabric of reality.”

“Undo command.”

“Wiped his brain, such as it is.”

“Who even names something Legion Of Doom?”

“You and I had sex and we both liked it very much!”

“This is not The Godfather.”

“She never stays dead.”

“Now’s the time for a bad guy monologue?”

Felicity and Diggle whine. Why is this ep happening if the LOD rewrote reality? Curtis talks too much. Diggle claims vigilantes are the city’s last line of defence. Quentin is useless and Oliver calls in the Bratva to kill Chase only to learn he and they no longer have common objectives. Oliver is useless, Chase is right even if he is a loony.

There are flashbacks to Oliver planning to go back to Lian Yu and lie and cover up his sins. His hair is crusty. Meanwhile Helix bore, Susan bores and gets dumped. Where is Huntress? Where is Vigilante? Oliver is careless with people’s hearts. Diggle and co are morons. There is another Tommy mention, is this leading to something?

Anatoly aka KGBeast has gone bad. Where is Wildcat? Why won’t Diggle stop bigging up Oliver? Curtis acts like he is special ed. Oliver punches Diggle, that’s been coming for years. There is shouting and why does anyone consider Oliver a friend? This is not decisive. Felicity bitches. Oliver is just the WORST. Everyone is stupid. Chase kills people and this was okay. Oliver can choose whether or not to respond to people. I wish Prometheus had been Tommy.

Best Lines:
“Small gesture of good-will.”

“Where’s she going?”
“No place good.”

“Inevitability folksy.”

“Actually sounds plausible.”
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