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Trailers, Quotes and Tape Tales of 2000&2007

‘House Of Cards’ season 1 ad

‘Transformers’ (2007) promo
Stuff inevitably blows up.

Coco’ ad

Coriander & Cashew pesto - okay.
Sour Apple/Strawberry laffy taffy - okay.
White tea with apple and mint infusion - mmmm.

Rewatched a season 1 ‘Arrow’ ep ‘Betrayal’ in which Oliver and Laurel smugly lie to Tommy. Rewatched the very first ‘Flash’ ep and what happened to Iris’ dissertation? Is STAR Labs still a FEMA hazard? Does no-one wonder where fake Wells went?

I rewatched some of ‘Harper’s Island’. It had Katie Cassidy’s old face and showed that she once bothered to actually act. She wore an ugly wedding dress. The crazy killer kills his BFF and seethes malevolently.

Best Line:
“How are we supposed to find anybody in all this nature?”

I saw some of the ‘Poirot’ ep ‘The Blue Train’ it was rot.

I’d like Xavier Lalanne’s surreal sheep sculptures in my home. I’d also like the Pink Star diamond.

I won’t review ‘Red Sister’, ‘Roanoke Girls’ or ‘Creambuns & Crime’.

I won’t bother with the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ season 11 comics or the novelisation of ‘Kong: Skull Island’.

I have realised that the 2010 ‘Robin Hood’ is extremely dodgy, like the 1988 ‘Coming To America’.

I will review ‘Waking Gods’ and ‘Stealing Snow’.

Houseguest has a peculiar obsession with proving his point. He hits me with a door and yells and justifies and flings milk around and spills pepper sauce on the floor and gets shaving cream absolutely everywhere. He cannot accept he is wrong. He fails to acknowledge or apologise for the hurt he has caused. He steals biscuits and then complains when they aren’t any left. He steals corn on the cob, then doesn’t know how to eat it and then can’t eat it due to his “teef”. He steals wine. He is uniquely wicked and poisonous. He actively revels in his crap. He steals chips and sticks his finger into garlic sauce. He smells and goes on about curtains. He leaves stuff on the floor.

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Began his annual crucifixion to give thanks for surviving a fall from a three storey-window.”

“Contemporaneous brand-strategy document.”

“The entire media is out to get him.”

“State of perpetual outrage.”

“Sharing, not selling.”

“The most unforgiving styles to film.”

“No artifice to hide behind.”

“Someone’s acting too much.”

“The credibility of her claim.”

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Cultural initiative.”

“Sleep divorce.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“Not welcome at community events in the rural community.”

“Been shunned in society and that will continue for some time.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Marked change in attitude of management towards her.”

“If there is such a thing as truth in Star Wars.”

“Follows closely the way in which he is portrayed.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Get out and stay out.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“A media play.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quote:
“Kerb appeal.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Both terrible people.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Contemporary art doesn’t look like this anymore.”

“Not allowed to consider ourselves engaged.”

“Attention farming.”

‘Prison Break’ Quotes:
“Lost my keys, where’d you find them?”
“Four feet that way.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Amy is gone from the opening credits and the minds of the characters. Darren has money issues. Kim fakes Esther having a broken leg. She’s gone full on ‘Misery’. She tells Esther that Jack ad Frankie are dead. Kim has callousness. Leela wants to party. Grace, Frankie and Jack plot. Kim has no warmth or normalcy. This was direful. Nothing is fully earned or plausible. Tegan’s hair is purple. Liam is awful. How does Adam know that Darcy’s kid is his? Who minds Leela and Tegan’s children as they are out partying? There is serial and tragic incompetence. Kim is frankly deluded and intransigent. This was unconvincing.

Kim’s lies unravel. Liam and Courtney got it on. Liam rants about his erotic fixation on crazy Eva. Nancy nags Darren and does moral denouncements of him. Darcy is EVIL. Nancy nags the predictably pathetic Darren. Nancy is CAKED in make up. Nancy has a long history of hostility to Darren. Maxine is let down by Adam again. Maxine has vague uneasiness. Nobody cares about Minnie. Liam the degenerate loser kidnaps Esther and plots. Maxine is venomously critical of Adam. Poor crazy Kim. Hateful Grace is bothered by Warren and mad Liam. Nancy and her lyrical misery meets an ex. Nancy badmouths Darren. Liam causes chaos and disorder wherever he goes cos of Grace’s moral debt. Cleo shoves her nose in. Nancy is all cantankerous wretchedness. This is filmed in a flat ugly style. This was all unpleasantness.

Best Lines:
“Your greasy stench.”

“An idiot and a bit of a tart.”

On ‘Neighbours’: the deeply deceitful Brad and Lauren leave. Paige nearly kills her unborn child. Brad and Lauren are AWFUL. Piper is a delusional psychotic like Toadie.

Cleared out two tapes. The first was from 2000 and began with a ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ ep ‘Survival Instinct’. There was bad tracking and it was a Borg ep. I could give a crap. I LOATHED this. Then came a ‘GvsE’ ep ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are Evil’ is which Chandler is in peril, there is bad tracking, this looks cheap and Shannon Elizabeth showed up. It was crap.

Then came a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Who Are You?’ in which Faith is in Buffy’s body. The Watcher’s Council manhandle ‘Faith’. No one cares. Willow bores and ‘Buffy’ bangs Riley. This was hilariously stupid and fuzzy looking.

Best Lines:
“Because it’s wrong.”

“Willow’s not driving stick anymore.”

Then came an ‘Angel’ ep ‘The Ring’ which was the fight club ep. No comment.

The 2nd tape was from 2007 and began with a ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Croatoan’ in which being jerks is a professional necessity. Diego Klattenhoff guest stars. Dean does choose to be alone, Sam is a jerk, there is violence, a demon virus and bad acting. There is drama and a twist and this was crap.

Then came a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘Exodus’ which was self-satisfied. New Caprica is occupied by the cylons. This was so very arty. How did Lee get fat? Cavil and Baltar whine. This was a yawner.

Best Line:
“None of this is worth it.”

Then came a ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ ep ‘Echoes’ which was ridiculous. David Nykl of ‘Arrow’ was in this show. Finally there was a ‘Runaway’ ep which was the ‘Pilot’. Chris Potter guest starred and a fugitive family hide out. They buy a fully furnished house, use dated technology and act suspiciously. This was dull.
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