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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x22 Review

Born To Run

And so it goes, this is the final ever 'Sarah Connor' ep. How this show ties into 'Terminator: Salvation' isn't explained. There are revelations and mysteries and questions. This was a very good episode. Various faces from the past show up, Miles Dyson's son is missing, Weaver terminates a Terminator who fails to spot what she is, Skynet is treating its chips so they can't be read, John and Cameron get kinky and then stage a jailbreak. Cameron shoots up a prison and frees loads of prisoners, now why is that a good thing? It's not explained what happened to the priest Sarah abandoned in the riot. But what is clear is that Cameron has her own agenda. She gives John Henry her chip and then he vanishes into the future. Weaver follows him, John goes with her and Sarah lets this happen. John ends up in the future, Weaver vanishes and John meets Derek, Alison from Palmdale and his father. None of whom know who he is.

So John's in the future, surrounded by people who don't know him. He at last meets his father but can only stare at Alison instead. John Henry and Weaver have vanished off somewhere. Sarah's in the past with Ellison. What'll happen to Savannah? What was the final blue flash and Sarah's message about? Good ending, shame it'll never be resolved. But that's how tv goes.

Best Lines:
"I doubt they like you either Miss Connor."

"Someone or something wants this world to burn."

"Will you join us?"

"Gird thyself."

"Bad John Connor. Ground me."
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