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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Deadly Matrimony’ (1992) promo

‘The Flash’ 3x18 clip
Caitlin dies and becomes Killer Frost; this was not impressive at all.

‘Genius’ promo

‘Jamestown’ promo

‘The Patriot’ (2000) promo

Wheat, dairy & gluten free Almond Cookies - light.
Hazelnut yogurt - watery.

There is to be no ‘GI Joe 3’.

I may review ‘Spring Breakers’.

Houseguest rants about potatoes and buying “a gift for the house” and hands out crappy Easter gifts. He says our pets shouldn’t be here and deliberately leaves shoes lying around as a trip hazard. He complains about bread, the lawnmower and everything. He rants about potatoes, curry, the fridge and steals rice and other food and then complains about it.

I won’t review ‘Supergirl’ 2x17 ‘Distant Sun’ or ‘The Flash’ 3x18 ‘Abra Kadabra’ or the ‘Prison Break’ event miniseries.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“See a logic trail.”

“She doesn’t hear anything I say.”

“She was an environmental non-event.”

“She is evil and sick.”

“Absolute moral obligations.”

“Had a secret tunnel in the bedroom.”

“Maintaince workers stealing underwear.”

“Your bedroom was being infiltrated.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Abandoned by many of his friends.”

“Social and legal opprobrium blighted many lives and careers.”

“Perfomative guilt.”

“Wrote her off as unintelligent.”

“Daring to be unaware of it.”

“Atoning for our need.”

“A lot of people like that kind of talk.”

“People who have got it coming and who have had it coming for a long time.”

“Your street begins to look and feel strange.”

“Whence they came.”

“We weren’t allowed to put the lights on in case the landlord saw.”

“Disguised as care”

“The question itself is an assault.”

“Couldn’t beat the sight of foreign fighters diving.”

“That’s how he wanted to be seen.”

“Office changes people, not always favourably.”

“We do have our eccentrics in the city.”

“The truth was not accepted.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:

“Cascade of interventions.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Performance fight.”

‘Catastrophe’ Quotes:
“It’s Ireland. Houses don’t have numbers.”

“Irish wool sweaters.”

“I want to. A lot.”

“Punched his mommy in the head.”

“Your being drunk and her being as annoying as she is. You’re going to hit her.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Growing frustration expressed openly.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Went the way of the evening newspaper and polio.”

Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“Active listening.”

“Have you tried using a spoon?”

“I shall miss some of you.”

“Politely encouraged to move on.”

‘Robin Hood’ (2010) Quotes:
“I’m the Friar, Tuck’s the name.”

“He may still listen to you.”
“Allow me to know better.”

“Not the friend I thought he was.”

“Try getting paid by a dead king.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Steph wanders around dressed like a bogan. Sonya has enmity for Toadie. Finn is shirtless and deeply unsettling. Toadie lurks and concocts paranoid visions and has no expressions of regret. Elly and her giant veneers bore. Toadie accuses Sonya of cheating with Mark, again and makes opportunistic attempts to guilt her. Leo and Amy bore. Toadie has utter distain for Sonya. Didn’t ‘Emmerdale’ do the exact same accidental surprise incest plot? Paul is David and Leo’s daddy. Dumb. Cue bad acting. Toadie won’t stop.

There are flashbacks to 80s Paul. David and Leo and Amy whine. Mark and Sonya need a sense of being cared for. How many children does Paul have? Toadie spies on Sonya and he acts like he is irreproachable. Bizarre oz slang is uttered. Toadie is looking for a face punch; he has wavering levels of affection for Sonya. Toadie yells that he wants his family back and sneers. He is an inestimable ass, steeped in recrimination. He downplays what he did and has moral failings. Has he got the $100,000 back? Has he had an STD test?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: this show is completely nonsensical. Ryan covers up the stalking. Leela the slut whines. Louis RAGES. Kim gaslights Esther, badly. Liam plots. Neeta sticks her nose in. Darcy is EVIL. Maxine cries. Darcy and Adam have a son. Armstrong takes a break. Darcy is evil. Esther suspects Kim and calls her a lying bitch and Kim drugs her.
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