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Book Review: The Natural Way Of Things

The Natural Way Of Things by Charlotte Wood
A group of women all of whom were involved in some kind of sex scandal, find themselves imprisoned in a remote camp. Their jailers have a special strain of hatred for them and their murky pasts. The 3 thoroughly disreputable guards are goading and venomous and have a willingness to resort to violence.

This is all intellectual ambition which makes no sense. How did they get there? Who is the guards mysterious boss? What is with all the dark longings and impious goings on? What does the ending signify? Why are they being admonished? Why hire such moronic guards? 2 of the guards get angry at the women for refusing to please them sexually. Does nobody notice they are missing?

This was a sensationalistic, catastrophic mess and is all about the normalisation of deviance and the changing concept of morality. Dismiss this insignificant tale which lacks a conscious motive to exist. This has no clear concise narrative. This was scarcely credible and was all epochal stagnation.

Best Line:
“You poor girls.”
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