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The Blacklist: Redemption 1x02 Reviewed

Kevin Jensen
A journalist is charged with being a spy. The gang have to save him. This show is basically ‘Mission: Impossible’. There is untiring malignity and intransigent convictions. National glory matters, someone named Kyle Harris guest stars and determined and ruthless people bother said journalist. This has no audaciousness. There is a cloaking device and violence. This was not austerely honest.

This makes no sense. This was unappreciated. They don’t care about all the other ill-treated prisoners, they just save the yank. There are no noble codes and people are stupid. It all goes awry and there is death and no subtlety. The journalist turns out to have been CIA all along, like duh. This show is dumb.

Best Lines:
“The condensation is going to break the illusion.”

“We supported his regime.”
“Yeah well, apparently not to his satisfaction.”

“If he survives the interrogation.”

“You can’t afford to make us an enemy.”
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