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Book Reviews: Foxlowe + The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil + Avatar Book Two

Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg
Green lives in Foxlowe with the Family. Her friend is Toby but then Blue arrives and as the years pass, Blue wants to leave. That makes Freya angry. This is a very good story of growing up in a cult and the disturbing, gothic consequences thereof. Green constantly has to prove her worthiness to the irredeemably aggressive menacingly jolly Freya.

Green is jealous of Blue who won’t follow the rules and the story unfolds with dreadful simplicity. This is a grim tale of isolation, stigma and guilt as an ill-informed child makes bad choices, suffers brainwashing, neglect, trauma and various cold moments. There is a slow air of impending doom and the eventual doom is so much worse than imagined. The Foxlowe residents have fear eaten souls and believe in The Bad that lives in The Outside.

Green, Toby and Blue grow up in a world that is downright malevolent, only Green doesn’t see it that way. Freya pronounces judgement and is brilliantly awful. Is she Green’s mother? Where did Green and Blue come from? This is a commendably ambitious, harrowing tale.

Best Lines:
“The hunger of a starve day.”

“Everything will be very hard for you.”

“The Scattering is something we learned from the Time of The Crisis.”

“Suits are dangerous.”

The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil by Fay Weldon
This 1983 novel of a ditched wife’s vengeful rebellion against her unfaithful husband and his mistress is okay. This was made into a miniseries and a bad movie. A sequel will be published soon.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Avatar Book Two Of Two by S.D. Perry
This 2001 novel is the 2nd book in the ‘DS9’ relaunch and one cannot engage personally with it. Nog obsesses over the Vic hologram, Jake looks for his absent dad, Bashir is losing Ezri, Shar whines, nobody is their most radiant selves and there is no sharing or learning.

Kira has religious issues, Quark is slithery and it is radically perplexing how 16 years later the relaunch is still covering the exact same damn plots! This was not of critical importance. The station is imperilled, Vaughn has unquenchable self regard and Kira faces moral pressure and moral responsibility in this unremarkable book. This is up there with other terrible ‘DS9’ novels like ‘Warped’, ‘The Fall Of Terok Nor’, ‘Inferno’, ‘The Siege’, ‘Bloodletter’, ‘The Big Game’, ‘Betrayal’, ‘Warchild’, ‘Antimatter’, ‘Proud Helios’, ‘Devil In The Sky’, ‘Station Rage’, ‘Time’s Enemy’, ‘Saratoga’, ‘Wrath Of The Prophets’, ‘Vengeance’ and the ‘Rebels’ trilogy. I felt staggering distain for this.

Best Lines:
“Denounce it loudly, of course. And then maybe set it on fire.”

“Unclean words.”

“Lacking any moral context.”

“Of which there are understandably few.”
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