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Reaper Season 2 Ep 5 Review

I Want My Baby Back

Mr Oliver explains his deal with the devil and why he's now a zombie. Sock drools over his stepsister. Sam reaps a soul who leaves behind a baby. Tony shows up and everyone is glad to see him for some reason. Why are they overlooking his murder attempt?. Morgan sleazes over Andi and reveals Sam's parentage. Andi reacts by having a tantrum worthy of 'Supernanny'. Tony decides to informally adopt the baby. Satan menaces Sam into attempting to reap the infant. Sam finally yells at Mr Oliver about his idiot deal making. The baby is baptized and thus saved from hell. Mr Oliver moves into the garage.

This was okayish with much use of the nature vs nurture debate. Viewers have to overlook the fact that Tony is a terrible actor and the dreadful Sock and his stepsister plot.

Best Lines:
"Satan is your real father."

"I can't enter onto consecrated ground, I'll light up like an oversoaked flambé. But Sam's half human so he's probably alright."

"If you ever see anything that doesn't seem right. run for the hills."
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