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Book Reviews: Remnants Of Trust + Avatar Book One

Remnants Of Trust by Elizabeth Bonesteel
The 2nd ‘Central Corps’ novel is very good. It sees Elena Shaw face an attack on a sister ship, death, sabotage, treason and a terrible secret on a forgotten colony world. This saga does read like ‘Star Trek’ fan-fic rewritten to be an original novel but it is dark and compelling. The heroine whines and every man seems to have macho self-pity. Unseen string pullers have chilly malevolence and I hope there is more.

Best Lines:
“We have fought the syndicates for twenty generations.”

“A city that had gone cannibal.”

“One of her disapproving speeches.”

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Avatar Book One Of Two by S.D. Perry
This 2001 novel began the ‘DS9’ relaunch. ‘Avatar’ was obviously 1 book split into 2 for money. This set the tone for the wildly inconsistent relaunch. Ezri and Bashir have pre-copulatory issues, Jake is dumb, Kira and Ro face a moral challenge, annoying new characters debut and the religious plot about who the responsible custodians of Bajoran religious authenticity are kicks off. There are insinuations, people issue dark threats and there is apprehension and rigid patterns of behaviour. This was so very dull and boring.
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