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Supergirl 2x16+Flash 3x17+SVU 18x08+ The Blacklist: Redemption (2017) 1x01+Timeless 1x16 Reviewed

The non swoon-bait Mon-El is the star of this show now. Kara’s unemployed and Mon-El takes up too much narrative space on this show. This show is culturally infantilising and is there Vaseline on the lens whenever Teri Hatcher is on screen? Mon-El lies, Kevin Sorbo still can’t act and Darren Criss prances. Winn and his girlfriend and her stupid accent bore. The lead actress dumped her husband for Chris Wood which could explain why he’s taken over the show.

Supergirl is in a bouncy ball, this is all homogeneity, Kara is stupid and this ep was whimsically stupid. Mon-El’s parents say Daxam lives. Mon-El is a fornicator, a murderer, a dudebro and a liar. He is of questionable desirability. Alex whines. There is still no Max Lord. This was hopelessly insubstantial and on no level is this good. This was ongoing ineptitude.

James is barely in this. I’m uncaring. Kara has a moral panic. The set prescribed narrative of this show bores. Mon-El has few or no prospects and still thinks he is worthy of female adoration. Winn is so stupid. This was none too subtle. Why am I still watching this crap? Bonding does not happen and this was super hokey.

Best Lines:
“Six seasons in and winter still hasn’t come.”

“Spoiled useless person.”

“Over-enthusiastic deflecting.”

This show is all rampant incompetence and the quality isn’t there. How did J’onn, Supergirl and Mon-El cross universes? Barry and Iris brood. Victor Garber and John Barrowman and Darren Criss sing. There is bad singing, random actors, arch dialogue and this was about as appealing as the fat shaven headed Johnny Lee Miller. Mon-El is smug, Snow is useless, HR is ignored and Cisco sees Martian Manhunter. Barry needs to shut up. Iris and Mon-El try to do ‘tough’. This was nonchalantly terrible. Iris and Mon-El are just comforters/sexual relief for the heroes. This was ill-judged. It takes sheer will to sit through this; I made liberal use the fast-forward button.

Best Line:
“Leave your jacket on.”

Chasing Theo
The son of a party mom goes missing. The cops are judgy. This was okay.

Leland Bray
This spin-off from the mothership show is mesmerisingly awful. The mothership show was ruined due to the impenitent Red and his obsessional interest in Liz. This Tom Keen spinoff is full of exposition dumps, bizarro plotting and ridiculous goings on. One watches this with appalled fascination. Liz and Tom and their baby are still a family, Liz still obsesses over Red. Tom is still faking being a teacher.

Tom has a dead father who turns out to be not so dead (Terry O’Quinn). Said dad is full of paranoid rantings about Tom’s mother. Tom’s past has been seriously retconned. Tom is told his real name and goes undercover with his mother’s company. Scotty doesn’t know Tom is her long lost son. This has a dumb title card and various trope characters. There is darkness, violence and no sense. There are errors and I’m not particularly interested in this negligible show.

Best Lines:
“Go undercover in your own family.”

“Some larger truth.”

“Tried to abduct his woman.”

“Dark arts.”

“Gone to the dark side.”

The Red Scare
There is a flashback to Garcia Flynn before he went psycho. Lucy’s ignored fiancée is angry. Wyatt hates Flynn. The Red Scare is a fraud, Mason is awful and there is yelling and mumbling. Mason suddenly claims to be good. Did Jiya die? No, she has visions of a ruined future. SHUT UP Rufus. Flynn is arrested and this is crap. There is a twist and Lucy’s awful mother is awful and there is another twist. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“Stop saying you’re sorry!”

“You’ll never win son.”

“Fine in a hour or two.”

Willy pic.”
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