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Book Review: Hood

Hunter Of Sherwood: Hood by Toby Venables
This ‘Guy Of Gisburne’ trilogy which started out so well in Book 1, then suffered a crisis of originality in Book 2 comes to an inherently ridiculous end here. The heroes Prince John and Guy of Gisburne will not be judged kindly by history while the psychopath Robin Hood be forever known, wrongly, as a hero.

He has societal acceptance while societal attitudes reject John and Guy. King Richard is inherently awful and the powerless, voiceless and frightened follow the Hood’s personality cult. There is bitter discourse, an endless cycle of resentment, a weaponised narrative and Guy has a forlorn machismo. A woman talks and acts as if she doesn’t live in 1194. Guy is neither recognised not appreciated. Robin Hood legends get a twist as the Hood resides outside basic moral norms. This was boring.

Best Lines:
“No, they couldn’t blame him, but they would anyway.”

“She was the power behind three English thrones - and one French one.”

“The mighty empire that had been his father Henry’s lifelong labour was unravelling before John’s eyes.”
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