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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Justice League’ trailer
What do they have to be ready for? Who is attacking? What is here? Why does the image look dirty? Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Batman, Cyborg and Flash join up. This looks ugly and has slo-mo. There is a bad song and this looks cheap. No.

Best Lines:
“You should probably move.”

“The age of heroes would never come again.”

“What are your superpowers again?”
“I’m rich.”

‘Free Fire’ TV spot

‘Tristan + Isolde’ (2006) promo

‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ (2006) promo

‘Beethoven’ (1992) promo

‘Going In Style’ TV spot

Fruit Salad/Strawberry chewits - yum.
Organic chunky tomato soup - okay.

‘Arrow’ season 6 sounds naff.

The Golden Child’ (1986) was okay. ‘Crocodile Dundee’ (1986) was not good. ‘Beverly Hills Vamp’ (1989) was okay. ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’ (1978) was not good.

Anyone see the 2001 ‘Me And My Shadows’? Or ‘The Gate II’?

Houseguest complains about tree size, rain, heaters, makes mess, doesn’t recycle or shut doors. He exceeds his data allowance, rants about wine, glasses and a mug. He is wholly unjustified.

Gary Barlow is in ‘The Last Jedi’?

Anyone see ‘Open House’?

There is to be a ‘Venom’ movie?

‘Humans’ has been renewed for a 3rd series?

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She tells me to die.”

“She may have a pimp.”

“Extremely terrifying.”

“Why you’re getting in your own way.”

“Seek aggressively.”

“Don’t even want me there.”

“Sleeping under a pillar or in a frigging dumpster.”

“Anger, outbursts, fighting.”

“Showing aggression.”

“Sippy cup is full of mould.”

“Hearing all these lies.”

“How was it stolen?”

“Never wrong in his mind.”

“Hanging out with some extremely questionable people.”

“Your hesitation is your answer.”

“You call her boyfriend a pimp.”

“A pimp. Is he?”

“Let me explain your situation.”

“Getting drunk made me happy.”

“She has punched my husband.”

“Waved a knife.”

“Parent better.”

“We don’t want to see you die.”

“Staring at her in a sexual manner.”

“You’re not hearing her.”

“Held up to ridicule.”

“Real values.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Explicit and unmistakable condemnation of that individual.”

“Gender-dress me.”

“No place to belong.”

“Confined to an adjectival response.”

“Had a very hen party look.”

“Waiting for visits that don’t materialise.”

“I see the lockers without cards or chocolates.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“People’s ability to live in their own homes.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“An unworthy system.”

“Lecturing me on the one right way to live.”

“Vindictive obstructionism.”

“He did not consider the victim vulnerable.”

“Judge her vulnerability.”

“Improper parenting.”

“Not a good trend.”

“He refuses to make friends.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quote:
“I never though I’d end up walking into the garden centre and peeing on the hydrangeas.”

‘Remnants Of Trust’ Quotes:
“Me sleeping with yet another man who isn’t you?”

“He doesn’t have the luxury of being grateful for my choice, does he?”

On ‘Neighbours’: Toadie complains. Karl wants the service to be about Toadie. Paige flaunts her belly in front of Sonya. Toadie is viewed negatively. Steph and Susan talk about Toadie non-stop throughout the memorial. Toadie makes it all about him and acts in an inherently improper ways and has no concept of sensitive communication as he pleads to convince Sonya to forgive him. Is he blithely unaware that he let ‘Dee’ usurp his marriage? Toadie is startlingly consistent in his awfulness and has diminished his worth. Paige and Jack bore. Toadie crashes the wake and jet lag doesn’t affect him or Karl.

Toadie picks a fight with Mark at the wake for his dead baby. Susan nags Sonya to fix things with Toadie. Sonya is disgusted by Toadie. He is disengaged from Sonya and blames her for his affair. He has shocking ignorance and has he done anything about the stolen $100,000?

Toadie is all me, me, me. Steph and Karl try to browbeat Sonya into feeling sorry for Toadie. Karl brings up his own mid life crisis affair. Sonya’s other child is recalled. Sonya’s angry. Toadie bothers Mark in his despairing and morose fashion. Toadie orders Mark to talk Sonya out of the divorce. Toadie blames Mark for his affair. Toadie has a sullen quality. Sonya wants a divorce, due to her emotional devastation and sheer neglected desperation. Susan is sick of Toadie’s crap. Piper whines, Tyler decides to be supportive of Mark for once and the reprehensible Toadie has destroyed his marriage via his emotional and finally physical affair. His titillating sordid acts have has consequences. Sheila whines. Why does everyone make the uncaring Toadie the victim?

Best Lines:
“She just walked off.”

“You wanted it to happen.”

“There’s no coming back from that.”

“You can’t use that as an excuse.”

“Our marriage is over.”

“I did nothing!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the abuse victim Amy has finally been murdered by her abuser Ste and yet TPTB make this all about Ste’s man-pain and his kids. Ste is lacking compassion or morality. Tony, Diane and Harry cover up and lie for Ste ignoring what happened with Finn and Sinead. One is not emotionally involved, Ste seeks out and revels in his role of the victim. Everyone feels sorry all the time for Ste for no justification. Finally people recall that Ste has HIV.

He caused custody drama over his glorified plot device kids. This was audience baiting. This was all unrelenting sensationalism. Why doesn’t Tony throw Ste out? Harry sobs. Ste does everything without consequence. The Ste/John-Paul hook up is out. TPTB have an absolute refusal to stop favouring Ste. Ryan is sad and shows off his dodgy tattoos. This is not anticipatory. Where are Tony and Diane’s twins? Why was it daylight at one point and then dark again? Amy’s poor dad, Tony lies to the police and Harry won’t shut up. Leela defends Ste. There is lying and emoting. Nobody cares that Amy’s dead only about Ste’s drama.

Best Lines:
“Don’t be such a drama queen!”

“Everytime you do something dodgy, you lose your memory!”

“We better hope that he didn’t do it!”
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