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Shades Of Blue 2x02 + Helix 2x10-2x12 Reviewed

Eye Of The Hurricane
Woz does not forgive Harlee. Stahl is a jerk. Tess makes bad choices. There are flashbacks to Hurricane Sandy. Harlee and Stahl speak in metaphors. Stahl has a kid?!?!? Harlee is menaced in an elevator by the mob. Tess is still in pain, a new IA cop show up and Liotta goes full on Lear. Linda shrieks and there is a freeze on Woz’s money. Does nobody wonder where Donnie is? Woz nukes Stahl’s child custody case. The new IA guy bothers Woz. Everyone acts like fat Anna Gunn was there all along. Stahl reveals Woz’s affair with Donnie to Linda. Ouch. Where is Christina? Stahl goes full on crazy at Harlee. Nobody notices Woz, Harlee and Stahl brawling in the street? Okay.

Best Lines:
“Work those words, service and sacrifice, into every answer you can.”

“Some weeks ago you violently pulled one of my associates Detective Donald Pomp out of a deposition.”
“Is there a question?”
“He’s been missing for over 3 weeks.”

Julia blathers about Mother and Ilaria to Amy as the cultists’ corpses are burned. How does Amy know what contacts look like? Julia is much reviled and has no numbed beauty. Kyle is gormless and not this was not satisfyingly powerful. Alan has a long standing unbreakable habit of moronic proclamations. What did Alan order? There is fabled derangement and this was not unusually nuanced. There was no inexorably growing dread. Landry has become a divisively strange freak. Where is Sarah?

There is malfeasance and this show has burned through credibility. Sergio is grimly arresting and how is it impossible to make Amy immortal? Sarah and Julia were made immortal! Sergio has a fixed smirk. There are no good or kind people. Their wretched predicament goes on. Peter is unloved, isolated and alone. He has significant misery. Julia acts in wantonly, ludicrous ways. Julia does malign and disturbing things. What is Mother?

Everyone hates Peter. Everything is Peter’s fault and responsibility. Julia and Amy are unremittingly irritating. Landry and Amy are siblings. Ew. There is grisly humoured creepiness. Sergio is smoothly enigmatic. Wayward males are ranted at. What was the overarching vision for this show? There are cracks in Amy. There is an atmosphere of suspicion. Everyone has utter distain for everyone else. Amy has mad-eyed disarray and manic insistence on moral decay. Landry is a layabout lout. Amy’s not freakily intense and has undisguised malevolence.

This show has diffuse narrative focus and outrageously contrived goings on. There is nonchalant immorality. Julia is wilfully uncritical and the island is a fantastical, emotional, dramatic place. Alan is complete human ineptitude. Kyle hallucinates in a flow of banality. Amy has limitless ambitions. Sarah has earnestness. Alan has ill-defined motivation. The disease seems to choose who to infect. Anne shows what is beneath her civilised veneer. Peter sees more of the cult’s crazy. Where did he get matches? Sergio dies at Amy’s hands. Oh come on. What a waste. This was good. How did Sarah know Sergio was on the island? This was doom laden.

Best Lines:
“An outbreak with no cure, a cult with no leader.”

“I threw away my marriage for you.”

“Has it gone airborne?”

“Why do you hate me? Why?”

“Not follow some kid to a magic tree!”

“We didn’t want them to chew through their feeding tubes.”

Plan B
A poor monkey dies. Where is the evac being called in from? Julia plots. WTF is the octagon? There is a stone crucifix outside the abbey which is odd as the cult is decidedly non-Christian. Alan and Julia are disunited. He has entrenched resentments. Alas poor Sergio and his hoodlum complex. Peter and Anne plot. This a time without kindness. Amy sees everyone as an obstacle to the fulfilment of her own aims. Kyle’s accent goes in and out. None of the CDC team has anything resembling an identifiable personality.

There is significant disquiet. There are no valid emotional responses. The CDC plan to spray the island to eradicate all life. Amy has notions about herself. Alan plays up his role of reckless maverick. There is unnecessary hostility and effective violence and no emotional resolution. Anne has moral unease about Amy. Peter wants to be highly regarded. Anne has no look of sentiment for Amy. Sergio is still lying on the ground dead. Nobody told Olivia that Soren was alive?!?

In determinedly unoriginal fashion Alan saves the day. Perpetually crestfallen Peter goes loony for non well judged reasons. This was triumphantly compelling. The CDC has no idea of containment or safety procedures. They also never found Michael’s breeding farm in the cellar. There is rancour. Why did Michael inject dye into his irises if he was playing at being a god? How did he get silver eye dye? Amy looks for confrontations and people are dragged to their ruin.

Peter has power and purpose. Kyle is on to Alan and has a reasonable argument. Peter is treated in a deeply wrong way. Alan has righteous certainty and has deemed Peter unworthy of having an opinion. This was infectiously goofy. Alan has smug contempt. Soren annoys. Amy has ambition if not necessarily wisdom. There is bad VFX. There are lamentable circumstances and the unrepentant Amy and her obvious mendacity gets got. There are cruel manipulations by Alan and his assumed impunity.

Best Lines:
“Save the world and your baby.”

“Balleseros was a highly trained mercenary. Who here could have done this to him?”

“Aggressive containment.”

“There is no evac.”

The Ascendant
Nobody notices Anne and Peter going axe happy. Why do they go axe happy? Neither are exemplars of decency. What happened to the 30 years in the future scenes? Peter is increasingly sinister and distinctly menacing. With grinding inevitability, Julia is still awful. Nobody is quiet and still. Olivia has had a gradual development of remorse. WTF is the Bleeding Tree? This was blah. Peter’s painted on veneer of culture cracks. Plausibility is weakened. This does not engage or disturb. Peter’s gone nuts with obsessive zeal and is devoid is justification. Soren is a bad child actor. There is no sinister ambience or constant tension. This was dingy. How did Alan and Peter go to medical school? It’s Peter’s turn to go full on Lear. This was highly unsatisfactory. Julia and Alan disturb buried secrets. Peter has wilful defiance. Alan should be continually offering apologies. This was not socially useful.
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