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Arrow 5x16 Reviewed

This was good albeit with bad VFX. Oliver wanders and doesn’t act in fair and reasonable fashion. Oliver acts from the basest possible motives and provokes opposition by acting impetuously. Talia al Ghul has a silly accent. Did Nyssa ever mention having a sister?  How does Chase know everything? Oliver is completely unforgiving. Chase has no subtle menace. Susan (Carly Pope) is superfluous and Talia (Lexa Doig) wanders in and out.

Felicity has purple lipstick and hangs out with Helix. There’s boiling ferment, personal bitterness and animosity. Oliver did Chase personal wrong but never apologises. There are more useless flashbacks. Oliver in his stupid costume fires an arrow at Chase. Mad Chase doesn’t bother hiding anymore. The useless Lance whines. Chase didn’t infiltrate the government. Susan is in peril, Diggle backs Oliver up on everything and their collective action is nothing.

Diggle is useless, Oliver is self-satisfied, Curtis annoys and does Dinah have Sara’s staff? Rene is useless. Spartan and his stupid helmet look ridiculous. Mrs Chase is an idiot, Chase has remarkable will, Felicity is an idiot and the gang await Chase’s every whim. Is Chase even a lawyer? Chase has readiness and capability. Oliver tells Pike that Chase is crazy. Where did Oliver get his Robin Hood gear from whilst in Russian? Helix won’t help Felicity. Pike ends up comatose. Where is Artemis? Chase mentions Tommy. Can’t Curtis talk normally? Diggle bigs up Oliver. Mrs Chase is a wet rag. Someone dies. Oliver has ingratitude and is in peril. Where did Chase’s injuries go?

Best Lines:
“You’d killed mine!”

“Let all this end in a parking garage.”

“We have way.”

“Why wouldn’t I? I take my job very seriously.”

“I’m going to kill you, in ways that will hurt.”

“Give my darkness an identity.”

“All dead because of you.”

“What is thing your doing with your voice?”
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