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Smallville Season 7 Review: 'Arctic'

Lex finds out Clark's secret. After Clark lies to and insults Lex again, Lex destroys the Fortress of Solitude sinking it, Clark and himself into the frozen sea. As Lex's final episode this was okay. But after all the clex fun of early seasons to see Clark still being a self-righteous moron and no clex in sight. Well it makes you sigh for the lost opportunities. Too much time is wasted on useless Jimmy, Clark moping over Lana, Lois looking about 45, Chloe being arrested and Lana leaving.

After the events of this ep, will Clark ever stop being a snot? Clark  doesn't care about Kara trapped forever in a 2D prison, Veritas, Chloe or Lex. All he cares about is Lana. Even when Lex is in the Fortress of  Solitude, Clark lies to him. No apology for years of accusations, distrust or the events of 'Shattered/Asylum'. The final scene is good. Lex tries to save the Earth from a threat, if Clark had only talked to him instead of ranting. How so much could have been different. 
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