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Trailers, Quotes and a Tape Tale Of 2006

‘Arcadia State’ promo
The devil is patient. Yes.

Carters Get Rich’ promo
Oh hell NO.

‘Decline & Fall’ promo

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ trailer
Congress is killed, the constitution is suspended and women lose their jobs and money. Offred wants to survive. There is the wall, death, violence and apologetic menace.

Best Lines:
“We let it happen.”

“It’s the law now.”

“You will bear children for them.”

“An Eye in your house.”

Pineapple, Avocado & Spinach cold-pressed smoothie with a hint of chilli - okay.
Milka Cream bar - no.
Rustic Italian vegetable coup - okay.
Pork meatloaf - tastes like stuffing.

Chyler Leigh of ‘Supergirl’ was in the Marilyn Manson ‘Tainted Love’ video.

Houseguest shouts down phone, picks fights with his partner and claims he can’t cope with getting dressed and going out. He claims everyone is laughing at him. He demands “pleasant and nice language” and says “roughness in other people” is what “destroyed” him. He SLURPS when he eats and complains non-stop. He whines about “negativity” and says he is “pushed down” and makes a mess and never ever is grateful and leaves doors open and yells. I’m sick of him and his unpleasant exchanges and routinely negative behaviour. He wanted to rummage in the bin. He’s complaining about TV channels and utilities and complains about US in OUR HOME! He does NOTHING! He doesn’t want to look at mail from an enemy, lacks grace and warmth, rants about wanting “a little yellow singing bird in a pretty cage” and calls being with us “a nightmare”.

The 1975 book ‘Last Bus To Woodstock’ by Colin Dexter was not good.

What is a goblin spider?

I watched the 2017 ‘Comic Relief’ special ‘Love Actually' which sees what some of the cast are up to. ‘Comic Relief’ was all bad skits. This was no better. The creepy stalker is back, doesn’t speak, waves cards and has Kate Moss. Hugh Grant is back as PM and is still with his tea lady. The rocker annoys. Shop guy annoys. Colin Firth and his maid are still together and they have 3 kids and another on the way. Liam Neeson meets his grown up son and his fiancée. This was flinch making in its startlingly po-faced ineptitude. Nothing deserves commendation, just dissatisfaction. This was uniquely awful in its ineptitude.

Best Lines:
“How short and selfish they are.”

“Piers Morgan is still alive.”

The Ninth Rain’ Quotes:
“Called Fourtrees, for not especially imaginative reasons.”

“Gestured in what she suspected he thought was a welcoming way,”

“Portraits of war-beasts, long lost;”

“Studying the teachings (or ravings, depending on how you look at it) of Tomas.”

“She seems to like me.”
“Someone has to, I suppose.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Contrary to nature.”

“Morality hoodlum.”

“A culture on the cusp of obliteration.”

“Could expect elevation to the A-list simply on the basis of taking drugs in front of journalists and wearing a pork pie hat at an aggressive angle.”

“Rather unfortunate in his choice of ancestors.”

“Considered of national significance.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“The art of blaming your relatives.”

“Kick the guy in the front row and fall over, and then everyone goes mental and has a fight.”

“They’re not as bad as the reputations preceding them;”

“Watching her husband falling in love with (yet) another woman.”

“Take care of the sex. This is my failing.”

“Coded encouragements to victimhood.”

“Descended from inadequate to toxic.”

“He urinated into a sink on stage, pushed sausages up his behind.”

“Spectators either left or shouted at him.”

“Radical self-expressions.”

“Vacuum cleaner regulation.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Public service obligation routes.”

‘Three Wives, One Husband’ Quote:
“I find that acceptable.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Too far, too fast.”

“Do you never tell the truth?”

“Campaign of hate.”

Cleared out a 2006 tape. It began with a ‘Runaway’ ep ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ which looked dated and full of no names. It bored and was illogical. Then came a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘The Passage’ wherein the vile Starbuck bullies Kat to death. It bored. Then came a ‘Stargate SG1’ ep ‘Lost City 2’ which bored and finally there was a ‘The Dresden Files’ ep ‘Rules of Engagement’ which was utterly forgettable.

On ‘Neighbours’: Toadie is to make the dead baby’s memorial all about him and he wants Willow to move in with him and he is taking his sweet time going back to Australia. Sonya should have no forgiveness for the jackass. Aaron and Tyler show up, Steph couldn't be bothered and Toadie is at St Thomas’ Hospital where Westminster victims were taken. Karl ignores Susan. Who is Holly? Willow shows up; why does Toadie obsesses over her? Stop ignoring your REAL family. Does Gary never work? Things are chaotic. Paige is prancing around Gary’s house. The baby is named Caitlin. Jack is asked to do the funeral. Sonya cries. Paige flaunts her belly near Sonya’s hospital bed. Toadie is diligently awful. Toadie offers no apologies or explanations.

Amy judges Jack. Toadie needs a clever cutter to the crotch. Toadie can’t act and learns that he caused the baby’s death and his sexing was seen. Nell is thick. Mark the plank emotes over the nursery. Paige won’t go.  Paige is making Jack into Eamon Casey. Shelia mocks fat Terese and her pretensions. Terese cleans, she is so fat.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: where are Leela and Tegan’s bastards? Leela’s stalker is some random.
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