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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ promo ‘Distant Sun
Quipping and fights. Mon-El annoys.

‘Gel-A-Peel’ ad

‘Kinsey’ (2004) promo

‘Bunchems!’ ad
Oh I want them.

‘The Good Fight’ promo

‘Arrow’ 5x18 promo
Oliver wants Chase in the ground, Oliver is a jerk.

‘The Flash’ 5x18
Cisco needs to go.

‘Runaway’ opening credits
No names and dated.

Milka Happy Cow bar- nah.

‘12 Monkeys’ will run until season 4.

Anyone ever see ‘Psycho Cop’ or ‘Psycho Cop Returns’?

Houseguest left the fridge open all night. He whines about tin openers, cream and doesn’t understand how lids work. Then moans about his schooldays. There is way too much bread and milk in the house due to him. He demands we be “supportive” and lies in bed all day and doesn’t wash up. He tore his tablet charger. He eats in the middle of the night, boils eggs and makes mess.

Boyzone are reuniting?

I may try the German ‘USS Prometheus’ novels.

Remember the Greenham Common protests?

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Quotes:
“No disintegrations.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quote:
“Rise up in concern.”

‘The Ninth Rain’ Quote:
“Do not forget what you are, Fell-Lin, just because we let you walk free in the world.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“You can only be flourishing if you are breeding in this country.”

“Mob shaming.”

“Pregnancy intentions.”

“Her future was not as she imagined it.”

“Accessibility commitments.”

“There was no safe place for me at home.”

“It is the accused rather than the victim who is on trial.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“An act of social duty.”

“So often presumed.”

“Abstract and defunct.”

“National identity meltdown.”

“Police would follow you into the bushes.”

“They could seize your property but not you,”

“Constantly being attacked with things like maggots.”

“Holding confrontational banners.”

“The shadow lingered.”

“Never seemed more than superficially grateful.”

“Not to be encouraged.”

“A dodgy housing association flat.”

“Throbbing Gristle.”

“Wrongly vilified.”

“Put graffiti over our door and superglued the locks shut.”

“Naked in front a full-length mirror, smearing himself with cat food and shagging himself. It prompted quite a reaction.”

“Working there is incompatible with values.”

“Letting infants relieve themselves in the street.”

“Behaviour they could not discern as normal.”

“Took to drink and the sofa.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Lard Gulg.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She refuses to believe she’s not dying.”

“Have some mental disorder.”

“Wasting her life away.”

“I’m being dismissed.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“I’m meant to be at Edwina Curry’s perfume launch at 9 o’clock.”

“Swooning nurses. Hardness in his britches.”

“People having sex in the most extraordinary places.”
“Like up the bum?”

“Clown’s pocket?”

“It’s horrible.”
“Well, flush it away.”

On ‘Neighbours’: anger and animosity is all Toadie feels. Karl goes to London to get Toadie back. Who pays for this? I’m sure the terror attack on Westminster won’t be mentioned on this show. Toadie doesn’t ascertain the truth cos he is obsessed with Willow instead of his real family. Toadie doesn’t care about Sonya. Sindi annoys. Susan sticks her nose in. There are no natural and probable consequences. Mark builds a silly looking nursery. It is obvious Sonya will lose the baby. Steph is useless. Mark is useless. He and Susan learn that ‘Dee’ is Andrea. Willow faked the ’Dee’ photo. Toadie accuses Sonya of adultery and is done with her.

Toadie ignores his wife and the police. He invites ’Dee’ into his hotel room and sleeps with her leaving Skype on so that Sonya can see. He’s so pathetic and spiteful. Sonya cries and retches. Toadie has no contrition. He’s a cold and empty man with gleeful hatred for his wife. This is a wretched state of things. ’Dee’ is a clear and problematic intrusion.

Toadie sees ‘Dee’ as the REAL love of his life. Steph is stupid. Toadie slept with ‘Dee’ out of spite. ‘Dee’ revels in her triumph and Sonya unravels. ‘Dee’ leaves her passport lying around and when Toadie sees it, she confesses she is Andrea and a conwoman. Toadie screams. Steph is an ass. Sonya loses the baby. Toadie cries and runs into Willow and gets hit by a car. Andrea is AWFUL. Karl sits by Toadie in the hospital. Who pays for this? Sonya bursts aggressively into tears. The greatest sorrow is that the baby died. Toadie nuked his marriage from orbit and killed the baby, well done man.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: James tells Marnie that Mac beat him. She acts like she didn’t know. Holly insults Lisa. Leela is a slag. James has relentless disquiet. Marnie is all pretentiousness. Leela is vaguely prostitutional. James is tormented. Why is Mac still living in the pub where he launched a homicidal attack on Nathan? This show is spiritless. Mac’s lack of remorse has been accepted. James is not meant to matter in his own family. Leela has unapologetic loucheness. Scott’s mummy shows up. Scott is inessential and chaotic and wilfully damaging and has mean-minded malice. Nobody behaves like a recognisable human being. Mac is less than savoury. This is not of eventful significance. Scott’s mother is not his mother (it’s the Mac/Cindy/Alfie/Manie plot all over again). Leela screeches. Nick is imperturbable.

Best Lines:
“Sister betraying home wrecker!”

“Hannibal Lecter level scary.”
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