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Shades Of Blue 2x01 + Amerika (1987) part 12 + SS-GB 1x05 Reviewed

Harlee hides her dead ex’s body in a new grave. Woz is arrested and bothered by FBI slime aka Stahl. Who is Harlee’s helper? Harlee attacks the dead body with a chisel. Anna Gunn shows up as a cop turned mayoral candidate. Stahl walks around shirtless. Won’t the shot cop’s husband notice her bullet wound? People mumble. Woz is suddenly free and not so fond of Harlee anymore. Woz and Harley bother the mob. The DA whispers.

Stahl bothers a hooker. Woz and the mayoral wannabe (Gunn) had an affair and she’s his dirty boss. Woz has gotten over Donnie and nobody seems to wonder where Donnie is. Harlee burns the money and vows to take the right road. Did they change the actress playing Woz’s wife? Yes they did. The mafia don yells. Woz and Harlee have failing out and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“What did you agree to do?”

“Why not? You did.”

“Put a doughnut on a hook.”

“He runs Brooklyn.”

“Supported your ambitions.”

“I chose wrong.”

“Interesting dining utensil.”

“Highly suspicious blood trail.”
“I’m going to pretend I don’t know what you mean by that.”

“I need verbal confirmation.”

Amerika (1987) part 12
Peter has principled non-conformity. This doesn’t make a convincing case for its own existence. A woman screeches about America, oh terminate noise exchange. The USSR made a disagreeable intrusion into the USA. Hecklers have embittered self-righteousness. Soviets are destitute of all decency. This did not live up to the burden of expectation. Denisov puts on his uniform. There is a mention of Castro. The Soviets mention the possibility of using nukes and then the US government is wiped out en masse. There is a suicide and Denisov broods and loathes the very idea of it all.

This was ghastly. Denisov makes noises like he has bad constipation. Peter’s wife has seething silence and then tantrums. Peter shrieks about soldiers wanting good wages. Jackie dances. There is no careful patience or gallantry. This was underwhelming and had inconsolable gloom. This was dismayingly superfluous. Peter’s wife is savagely accusatory. This had no enduring appeal. There are moral failings and calculated outrage and antisocial tendencies and human consequences. Peter is overtly triumphalist. There are no moral resources. Peter gains status. It’s inextricably all about Devin. There is no emotive moral courage. This slow simmering tale is of no cultural significance.

Best Lines:
“Accept the inevitable.”

“Looking very important.”

“Reconsidered the consequences.”

“Try not to react.”

“Even the best of intentions.”

“Interim regional capital.”

“A secure and just society.”

“Give up some of our unrealistic hopes.”

“There is no America!”

“In spite of America’s defeat.”

“America will rise again.”

“We are not very good at running the world.”

“Hold out the hand of hope.”


SS-GB 1x05
TPTB leave it open-ended to set up a series 2 rather than following the book ending. George VI has no dignity and is moaning wreck with no strength, will or resolve. This was not artistically credible. Archer continues his minimal effective response to Nazis. He acts as though the occupation is a slight unpleasantness. There is no pathos and this was insufficient. This was not spare, direct or moving. Sexual danger Barbara has been quickly recognised as an enemy. Kellerman babbles.

There are nervous whispers and a sneering reference to a book plot. This was rage-inducing in its dumbness. This was a miserable experience. This is not a definitive interpretation of the book. One is increasingly frustrated. Archer is stiff and ill at ease and has no valiance. Worthless cur Kellerman roars. Nobody has effortless grace or charm. Kellerman acts far from amicably. Swaggery dude Huth is nowhere to be seen for ¾ of this. There are no terrible realities and Archer waves a rifle. Nobody is a calming influence. Why does Sylvia have to play nurse to George VI? There is smoking and this bored.

There is double dealing, servitude, subjugation, zombie moans from George VI and death. This was utterly bonkers and the phrase “only following orders” is used. What is the occupied region? Huth says the yanks will build the a bomb and finish the Reich. The Queen and princesses are in New Zealand (for now) and series 2 is set up. No thanks. The ending of the book is changed and what’ll become of Archer and his short-sighted callow idealism?

What’ll become of potential life companion Barbara? Oh who cares? And what of Archer’s oft neglected son? Logic is dispensed with. There is more death and Archer runs and Woods is forgotten. Oh just make it stop.

Best Lines:
“Not near enough.”

“A real pity, for him.”

“They’re bloody collaborators.”

“The game’s all up now.”

“I’m easily deceived.”

“Cut a pathetic figure.”

“How did you ever lose the war?”
“Perhaps we didn’t.”
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