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Book Review: The Long Mirage

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Long Mirage by David R. George III
It is 10 years (in universe) since ‘Avatar/Mission Gamma’ and the same religious crap drags on and on. I didn’t read the previous novel ‘Ascendance’ and this book is full of bizarre references to that novel that I do not understand or care about. This book has more religious crap, Kira steals Ro’s man, Nog obsesses over the Vic hologram and I don’t care about any of these plots. Kira doesn’t seem to care about Bashir’s fate and people babble about Morn.

The ‘DS9’ relaunch has been run off into a ditch and is all sheer intellectual dishonesty. There are pages and pages of Bajoran religious crap nobody cares about and TPTB are obsessed with Vic the stupid hologram everyone on DS9 worships. This book is essentially 3 useless plots nobody cares about. It is disconcerting how terrible, unnecessary and useless this was. Nobody cares about Vic and his self-determination. These protracted storylines create an unwieldy narrative that was obvious and plodding.

Best Lines:
“They’ve declared their borders closed to outsiders.”

“She despised an ever-growing list of things.”
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