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Code Black 2x08 + Helix 2x01-2x05 Reviewed

1.0 Bodies
The hospital staff need to do a decontamination of cult members who have attempted a mass suicide. They wear weird bracelets and an old looking Rob Lowe is exasperated at the uncooperative cultists. Boris Kodjoe is in this. The cult members poisoned themselves with horse shampoo or something. The cult leader who is shamelessly immoral orates, a shrink with big hair orates and this is no small plight. The shrink needs a smack. The cult members want a life of the mind and mortality is unimaginable.

There is no maximum disquiet and people simmer with resentment. There is no tough fragility and this is of no particular consequence. It is hard to believe the shrink could get any more unpopular. The cult leader is allegedly a neurosurgeon with a tumour. A vile stepdaughter yells at a cancer patient in a side plot. There are medical mistakes and a moral message. This was mmm.

Best Lines:
“Something else to avoid.”

“Never got so much as a thank you.”

“I was in a coma for 3 months.”


“We don’t know what we’re treating.”

“I am exercising my right to refuse treatment.”

“Nothing creepy about that.”

“Evidence of clear thinking.”

“Always so hostile.”

“Trying to avoid her sympathy.”

“You sick bastard.”

“Vomit uncontrollably.”

“We didn’t raise her this way.”

San Jose
30 years in the future Julia searches for the cure to the TXM-7 pandemic which is killing immortals. Meanwhile in the ‘present’, Peter (Neil Napier) now leads Alan’s old team. He, Sarah and new guy Kyle land on a remote island looking for the source of another disgusting disease. The island, St Germain, could be a national health threat. It takes until 2x05 until the pun meaning of the island’s name becomes clear.

A coast guard captain is angry, Peter and his team and a survivor of an outbreak on a yacht are dropped on St Germain. Alan is a wanted man for blowing up the HQ of Ilaria. Leila the survivor is crazy and doomed. How long has it been since Arctic Biosystems? How did Peter get to work for the CDC again? There are bones all over the island. Meanwhile a masked man named Caleb menaces Julia in the future. Why does he take Julia’s contacts out with tweezers? Why if immortals are public knowledge in the future is she wearing those contacts anyway?

A cult led by Michael (Steven Weber) lives in splendid isolation on St Germain. So an apocalyptic level pandemic will erupt at some inevitable occasion on the island, the timing of which is quite uncertain. This was good. The cult is fantastically well-ordered. Alan lurks in the cult. What is the cult up to? Why is new guy Kyle so stupid?

Best Lines:
“A chain of events was set in motion.”

“What kind of American are you?”

“This place is a tomb.”

“Then on the third day, the screaming started.”

“Why are you whispering?”

“Bring the rabbit.”

“I accept your concern.”

It is Day 2 and Alan and his madman beard is mad. He’s killed immortals. Ilaria are involved with the island. The opening credits are neat. Who built all the buildings on the island? Michael has a huge elaborate window in his office. Dr Kyle Sommer (Matt Long) is as thick as the unwanted replacement for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Tamlyn Tomita on the long ago ‘The Burning Zone’. Strange things happen. This show cannot be unforced and unaffected.

The cult is pointlessly obstructive. This show has been revisioned. This takes place then, now and no time. Julia proves to be, as always, no help. Peter has a talent for distance. Things are teasingly cryptic and the cult is a sketchy place. Sarah has been pregnant for 15 months due to becoming immortal. This was okay if not exhilarating.

Best Lines:
“The dead should rest.”
“He’s rested enough.”

“We don’t tolerate intrusion from the outside world.”

“Why does a cult need a botany lab?”

“Pupil swabs.”

“Why would Ilaria be interested in some crackpot, isolationist cult?”

“A place you don’t wanna go.”

The cult’s god is hate. Cult members are gross. The cult babbles in discordant fashion. Peter feels moral disapproval. Kyle is a moron. In the future Julia meets her crazed father, who has become a peripheral character. Amy plots. The CDC is menaced. Julia is not conducive to quality. Hatake is nuts. No.

Best Line:
“Not his kind of help!”

Peter is still serving Ilaria. Kyle is an ass. Julia is menaced. Michael is a creep. Peter’s Ilaria contact is Sergio. Lovely Sergio has been cast to the margins and is back in the Ilaria fold. He’s in a suit, I guess he wasn’t a Major. Also his conflicted feelings and search for the stolen children seems to have been jettisoned. Where are his galpal and her brother? Julia and Hatake have an axe v samurai sword fight. The new disease may come from killer honey. Why is Hatake wearing his contact lenses when he is all alone in the woods on a remote island? WTF? This was barely coherent.

Best Lines:
“Who’d you piss off this time?”

“What would a multinational corporation want with a bunch of New Age farmers?”

“Free of your judgement.”

Alan is all male pride. The loyalty and awe the cult have for Michael is crumbling. Kyle is looking for Alan. Sarah’s been stabbed. Alan led the Special Pathogens Branch? How? Alan and Peter end up down a hole. Michael is a vile creeper. What are the cultists up to? Kyle is thick. Julia seems fine with the post-apoc world 30 years in the future. Sarah’s immorality secret is out. Landry the hulking goon lurks. Alan is a dick. This was good. Julia never bothered to learn Japanese. Peter and Alan smack each other around. Then Alan and Kyle smack each other around. How did the immortals come to be? Michael is an immortal, like duh. Poor nice Agnes dies. Michael has been running the crazy cult for 500 years. Are the cultists mostly his descendants? Ew.

Best Lines:
“This place is a nuthouse.”

“Bio-seal the remains.”

“Every time something goes wrong, I look up and there you are.”

“Not my fault I was better at everything.”
“That’s not what your wife said.”
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