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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Secret Scripture’ TV spot
Theo James!

‘CHiPS’ TV spot

‘Clique’ promo
Bellshafts brood.

Gluten free Mediterranean vegetable pizza - okay.

Houseguest wanders around in his underpants, asks snotty questions and makes mess. Is snotty about dusting and his ghastliness grows. He goes on about dark rooms, cold air and “nice and sunny” rooms. Oh piss off. He talks too much, cooks up a greasy mess in the kitchen, blares music, fiddles with his tablet and talks way too much. He is incapable of clearing the table and fiddles with the dishwasher. He bought a frying pan, yells, picks fights and leaves the fridge open. He shuts doors, opens doors and leaves a window open. He freaks out over mess, yells, needs a nap and let a loo roll fall into the toilet.

WTF is Rosemary Water?

Recall the ‘Protect and Survive’ manual? It terrified me.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Famously uneasy.”

“Argued over the right reasons to like it.”

“Excluded all possibility of survival.”

“Alcohol-fuelled disturbances.”

“Shunned in his community.”

“His reputation had been sullied.”

“Egregious wrongs.”

“Could do nothing right in the media’s eyes.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Sounds strangely reasonable.”

“Freak hunter.”

“Even ordered the expulsion of 40 Dutch cows.”

“Control access to her room.”

“Since the dawn of the atomic age.”

“London Bridge is down.”

“Compressional wave.”

“Radio alert transmission system.”

“11 days of coverage ready to go.”

“In the event of a national catastrophe.”

“Play offensive music.”

“Full obituary procedure.”

“Someone failed to push the button down properly.”

“A spirit of national emergency.”

“A ritual that is passing out of living memory.”

“Diplomatic assembling.”

“Nothing was heard about the planned memoir ever again.”

“Foreign value.”

“First call coffin.”

“Which started a fight.”

“Hold contempt for men less educated then himself.”

“Putting an undue burden on your partner to make you happy.”

“He threw some pans at me (I ducked).”

“You wouldn’t want to walk down that street in the middle of the night now.”

“Least welcome political endorsement.”


“Culturally loaded opinions.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Long range medical evacuation.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Report of suspect behaviour.”

“My crime, ultimately, was not being like them.”

“Destroy the very possibility of a community.”

“Social parasitism.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Leo is ‘forced’ to do bad things. There is a Melania Trump mention. Terese riles Sheila. Susan sticks her nose in. Elly’s vile ex shows up. Moral outrage is faked. There is sad satisfaction at all the crap. Things are misremembered.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: James drinks and shags a random. Freddie very publicly accused Nick of raping Ellie. Marnie asks James for help. Dirk, Cindy and Holly doubt. There is a mention of Liberty and quiet, sweet, studious, uni student Will. Dirk notes how Will cracked up. More dodgy wallpaper is seen. Mac RAGES. Freddie RAGES. Holly RAGES. James babies Ellie. Dirk believes Nick as does Holly. Ellie goes to the police. This does not achieve maximum emotional impact.
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