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SS-GB 1x04 Reviewed

This was not morally complicated or bracingly vivid. Nazis have been blown up. Archer continues his collaborative friendship with Huth. This squanders every opportunity presented to it. Archer has no moral anxieties. There are no ominous implications now the Nazis are ‘cracking down’. There is no underlying fear. This has not made a favourable impression. There are calamitous consequences to the bomb. Archer is not a man of morals or a profound believer. This is not a dark existential tale. This was all ineptitude. Archer has no deep concerns.

The significant negative impact of Nazis is belatedly effective. Woods lurks. I’m waiting for fateful consequences or sinister implications. This was terribly dismal. Archer is not shame spiralling. It’s all curiously unmoving. There is no cesspit of political panic or moral panic. Nazis seem insufficiently ruthless. This was not affecting. Huth claims not to be a Nazi and has a hint of disapproval of their nightmare mindset. This was unpromising.

Why is Archer so passionately loyal? People have evil thoughts. Huth makes enticements to Archer. Whether they’re sexual or not is menacingly unclear. Sylvia shows up again. Things head toward inevitable ruin. Barbara and her fatal dalliance with Archer bores. There is a mention of Ambassador Kennedy. Archer is shockingly callous. Barbara proposes and the plot differs from the book. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Artistic photo business.”

“Funny, huh?”
“Not very.”

“Mean efficient brains.”

“It is a no.”

“He hates the right people.”
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