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Movie Reviews: Kong: Skull Island + Honeymoon In Vegas

Kong: Skull Island (2017)
There is okay spectacle as Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson head the mostly expendable cast exploring an uncharted island. They encounter the physical god Kong. Morally galling things happen. Dialogue is sometimes incomprehensible mutterings.

Honeymoon In Vegas (1992)
A woman desperate for marriage is taken to Vegas by her commitment phobic, gambling addicted, mommy’s boy boyfriend. He loses in a poker game with a mobster. So he sells her to the mobster for $65,000. This lacks in any attempt at subtext or ambiguity. He sells her to pay his debts; she goes along with quiet acquiescence to her irritating plight. He’s sleazy and disreputable and this was dated, caused discontent and has slow bad acting.

This has very dodgy sexual politics, induced ignorance and hysterical imbecility. But no moral crisis or intellectual seriousness. This was not of massive significance. Nicolas Cage has no slow speaking charm or moral virtue. This was not aesthetics cinema. Sarah Jessica Parker looks 80s. This has no Hitchcockian provocation. She should complain about her deprivation of liberty but doesn’t. Why doesn’t she play poker with him? Why does she stay with him? What is the point of this?

Best Lines:
“You’ve made me into a whore!”

“Influence? He lives in a shack!”
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