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Book Review: Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts by Stephen Blackmoore
The 3rd (and much delayed) entry in the series is a disappointment. Eric Carter has discontent and plans to kill Aztec death gods. He just accepts that as the sort of thing that happens to him. He has no moral virtue, just imminent outrage and a bleak aesthetic. He broods in anticipation of the grave and has protracted distain for established mores.

The author seems to think narrative concerns are a dread notion. The boredom created by this book impedes enjoyment. Eric broods meaningfully over swiftly escalating misunderstandings. This was all zestlessness as Eric Carter has weary disapproval, complicit guilt and a redemptive challenge.

I’m profoundly uninterested in Eric Carter and his questionable reputation, churlish hostile responses, self proclaimed bad ass reputation and comfortable assumptions. I don’t care about his moral rectitude, adult insecurities, false attributions and poisonous rifts. This started out okay but quickly got weak. It is perplexing that a book that had to be rewritten is still bad.

Best Lines:
“I prefer the type who doesn’t get into constant fistfights with drunks.”

“So, you’re saying it doesn’t like me.”
“Does anybody?”

“She did try to kill me, though. Which to be honest, is not that rare an occurrence.”
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