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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Here Alone’ trailer
Shane West, a woman alone, zombies, 2 other survivors and what happened to her family? Looks good.

Best Lines:
“Afflicted are highly contagious.”

“How long you been out here?”
“Since it started.”

“Those who stay die.”

‘Dunkirk’ trailer

‘Wonder Woman’ trailer
So who is Danny Huston?

Lemon curd doughnut - yum.

I will review ‘Fir’, ‘Elephants Can Remember’, ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘The Ninth Rain’.

I won’t review ‘The Break Down’.

Recall the girls’ comic stories: ‘Combing Her Golden Hair’; which was about a girl who finds a silver comb and learns her mother is a mermaid. ‘Creepy Crawley’ which was about a scarab brooch that controls insects. ‘Olympia Jones’ was about ponies. ‘The White Mouse’ was a stupid tale of a nurse in the resistance in Nazi occupied Belgium. ‘Slave Of The Swan’ is about an ill-treated girl with amnesia. Nobody calls the police about the obvious abuse. I never heard of the comics: ‘Lindy’, ‘Girl’ or ‘Penny’.

‘Vengeance Is Green’ is about an unpopular girl who is bullied by evil girls in flares. The bullies are choked by ivy, why does she save them?

Best Lines:
“You actually want to borrow a book, Nina? Well, I’m not sure. You’ll get it grubby.”

“Why does everyone enjoy making me sad?”

“I’m sorry you have to be out here next to the dustbin!”

Houseguest claims the city is big, impersonal and unfriendly. He has an (inflated) sense of importance. He’s kulturman. Houseguest makes mess and noise and whines. He sits and stands around and yaps. He needs ‘rest’, from what?!? He fiddles about with our kitchen stuff.

Kalsarikannit - drinking by yourself at home in your underwear.

WTF are placenta injections?

Eliza Dushku had drug/alcohol issues?

Saw some of the ‘Poirot’ ep ‘The Big Four’: it sucked and was incomprehensible.

Best Lines:
“Old men tend to die in my experience.”

“The scaping goat.”

‘The Borderlands’ Quote:
“Not unless the toilet’s weeping blood.”

‘Room’ Quote:
“A gone day.”

‘Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith’ Quote:
“So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Tried to turn over the crib.”

“A belt’s not treatment.”

“Giving poison to a neighbour’s child.”

“I choose to stay away from you.”

“Shame on you people.”

“More angry and difficult.”

“Threw scissors.”

“I want you to die bitch.”

“Disruptive mood disorder.”

“Flip that crib.”

“You’re the main problem.”

“My opinion didn’t matter and still doesn’t.”

“Doing something else.”

“Escape her ire.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Surprisingly un-booed title.”

“So long as you don’t mind sleeping in an open-plan sitting room.”

“Insulated from reality in a bubble of obscene privilege.”

“Apparatus of containment.”

“Does not come near the house in case she would be asked to do anything.”

“A storage device so out of date that few people younger than 35 probably used one.”

“Her social life revolved around the local pubs.”

“Moral pressure.”

“An English lunatic.”

“Deliberately excludes.”

“Live correctly.”

“A fairy tale city as long as you didn’t live there.”

“Expelled his wife from the family home into the teeth of a cholera epidemic that was almost apocalyptic.”

“Even her own kindred turn their backs and shut the door of home upon her.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Shouting and unfair accusations.”

“Create wariness.”


“No longer confident of that conclusion.”

“Misjudge their tone.”

“Cultural production.”

The holy man throwing his excrement at the TV crew.”

“Bellowing for potential mates.”

“Induced ignorance.”

“Undesirable discussion topics.”

“Whose career as an MP ended when it was found that the cleaning of the family seat’s moat had been charged to expenses.”

“Weigh up their social value.”

“Taking a non-Marxist line on sunspots.”

“Thought criminals.”

“An index of male legitimacy.”

“Hair extensions-based bitchfights of arch-enemies.”

“She’s just assaulted my weave!”

“I don’t want to be specific because I don’t want any problems.”

“Uninvestigated crises.”


“Careless oversight.”

“Bereaved community

“Theological legitimacy.”

“My leadership would not be acceptable to many.”

“Emergency grab bag.”

“Getting benefits thrown at them.”

“A lot of negativity in your questions.”

“I am a good and kind person.”

“I simply will not allow it anymore.”

“Sitting by designation.”

“A privilege phenomenon.”

“Its blithe presumption.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“A known animal in an unusual place.”

“What on earth am I doing, sitting in a sandwich shop slamming 100ml of cold ginger slurry?”

“Doesn’t feel what she’s supposed to.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Vacant possession.”

On ‘Neighbours’: David and Leo’s family don’t want to know them. Lauren and Drab lecture Paige on morals. Drab, Lauren and Paige plan to move. Drab is ineffectual. This has no psychological realism. Shelia is big and blowsy. Lauren and Drab treat their pasts as insulting mistakes. There is no desolate sadness. Lauren has smug distain. Paige ruined 2 families and now she gets to win? This created no awed delight. Drab wants to take Piper away from fat Terese. He’s foul. Piper won’t go. She is still obsessed over Tyler. Mark thinks Steph is losing it. Lauren thinks Mark has a distant look in his eye. Steph acts crazy.

Best Lines:
“They really want us gone.”

“Unsavoury words.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sienna’s pregnant, Darcy’s alive and Nick is a creeper. Bart is skanky and Joel is conflicted.
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