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Amerika (1987) Part 11 + Timeless 1x13 + Arrow 5x15 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) Part 11
Devin is on a plane. Peter and Marian have a rally and the Central Area Heartland is set up. People look for William. There is evil speaking and bad acting. Devin is instinctively hostile to sense. The Heartland has a naff anthem. This drags on and on. William hides in a 130 year old hole. Hope seems unachievable. Devin STARES. People talk and talk and talk, mostly about how Devin craps moonbeams and rainbows.

Amanda stares. A shotgun is wielded. Drama is undercut by a scrunch dried perm. The Soviets have a conspiracy to intimidate. The Milfords house is burnt down. Why did the deep state let Devin live? There is no steady judgement, Marian wails, where is Jackie’s boyfriend and this was boring. A reporter says Devin is the man.

Best Lines:
“The corrupt reminder of the past.”

“We know that lie. History teaches us that lie.”

“Mourn the past.”


“I will ask you once last time.”

“Disruption groups.”

“Build on this.”

“Rendered almost without purpose.”

Karma Chameleon
Wyatt is crazy and a murderer. Nothing is rectified. Anthony gets retired by Flynn. Lucy meets her mad dad, again. This was mediocre. Flynn and his gang worry about social stability. Wyatt and Rufus do dumb perilous crap. 80s stewardess uniforms are worn. Lucy is dim. People didn’t wear seatbelts in the 80s? Mason does a prolonged and evil course of conduct. Wyatt and Rufus try to affect the formation of a relationship and make things worse.

Best Lines:
“I missed beer.”

“This is an existential threat to reality.”

“I’m not sure how to respond to that.”

Fighting Fire With Fire
Vigilante attacks. Felicity and Thea are smug and vile. Chase sneers. Quentin is ever useless. Susan is bitter. Oliver deserves everything bad he gets. Curtis is gross. Who is that doctor fawning over Oliver? Dinah lies. Oliver lets anyone into his secret yet treated Tommy horribly for knowing his secret back in season 1. Prometheus and Vigilante fight. Chase is Prometheus; I was so sure it would be Tommy Merlyn. There are more useless flashbacks. Where is Wild Dog? Blue beams of light are used to track Vigilante. Oliver throws Green Arrow under a bus. Stupid costumes are worn. Susan gets her job back but is imperilled by Chase. Paul gives the noxious Curtis divorce papers. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m really sorry.”
“Are you?”
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