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Supergirl 2x14

Mon-El sees Kara as his reward for not being a dick. Jeremiah (Dean Cain) is ‘rescued’ from Cadmus. Helen Slater and Brenda Strong barely feature. Mon-El points out how obviously evil Jeremiah is. Nobody listens. Alex and Kara yell at Mon-El. Alex is angry with Kara. Winn annoys. James is not in this. Jeremiah is evil, like duh. J’onn growls. Maggie shows up. What is Cadmus planning? What is Jeremiah up to? Okay.

Best Line:
“Your jealously is appropriate.”

Amerika (1987) part 10
Devin does the Pledge of Allegiance. How and why is this happening? Where is Jackie’s boyfriend? Will Devin SHUT UP? The scene drags on and on. Devin is a vile, fickle, sanctimonious creep. Then he tops the scene by yelling America a lot. Why do people have such deep reverence for him? This was truly harrowing. Devin and his perma-ennui drags this mini-series down. All the other characters are better and more interesting.

Devin is social poison. Show us the other interconnecting characters. Devin’s evil ex is called Marian? Was she cast at a bus stop? I’ve visceral dislike for Devin and his notions of moral and civilisational superiority. This leaves one dispassionate. This has bad ADR and no substance. The Russian General broods. Colonel Denisov mutters. Russians have a very casual attitude to their own language. Peter is called the new Abraham Lincoln. The endless Devin scenes sap a degree of urgency.

Devin’s grandfather yells and meets William. Amanda annoys. This was big pretentious drama. Denisov tells Peter to find William. Soviets are armed lunatics. Awful decisions are made as are foul choices. Kimberley screeches and dumps Denisov. Amanda declares her love for Devin. There is ‘action’ and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“A communication freeze.”

“They can get worse.”

“The conqueror of America.”

“I didn’t think anything rattled you.”

“Circumstances for evil.”

“You’re stupid.”

“In a society where few have privileges.”

SS-GB 1x03
Karl Marx is being exhumed as part of the Nazi/Soviet friendship pact. I’m sure Archer has a reasonable excuse for his crap. There is no tense misery. Jason Flemyng is in this apparently. Archer isn’t driven to do good and has a thirst for validation as he faces condemnation and social conflict. Kellerman is a meticulous ass. Archer has localised concerns. Archer has a sinister reputation and faces implications. Archer is an idiot with tacit acceptance. What is the unoccupied zone? Sylvia is useless. There is death, brooding and boredom. Barbara is ghastly, there’s a bomb and emotion is unlooked for.

Best Line:
“German lavatory attendant.”

Criminal Minds 10x13

Nelson’s Sparrow
TPTB have killed off Gideon. Off screen. Hotch is stolid, before TPTB fired him. JJ shows off her hair extensions. Reid twitches and there is hopeless horror. Morgan and Rossi stare. A Ted Bundy like killer (Ayre Gross of ‘Hexed’) lurks. There are flashbacks to the origin of the BAU in 1978 with young Gideon (Ben Savage) and young Rossi. This does not shine with merit. Gideon had contentions. Unpleasantness is a terrifying imminent possibility. Young Rossi was a tool. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Haven for the lonely.”

“All my friends dying off.”

“He regretted even having me.”

“The BS unit.”

“No one would want her.”

“Held captive for 37 years.”

The Replacement 1x02
The death is ruled a suicide. Newborn Lia is ignored by her mad mother. Ellen snoops and acts like a crazy woman. She stalks Paula. Ellen was in a nut house and needs to go back there. She stalks Paula’s daughter Caris. Paula wears too much make-up. Emma ignores her husband and child. Ellen and Paula have a bitter bond. Social workers show up. Okay. Where is Caris? What is up with Paula? Ellen is the baddie isn't she?

Best Lines:
“Pretend better.”

“Can you not harass me please?”
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