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Harper's Island Ep 3 Review


Nobody's playing catch-the-creep yet as despite five people being murdered, nobody's noticed anything odd going on. What is this, an 80's slasher movie? Madison's a brat and she's not the only one. The wedding party is uniformly made up of ghastly people. Hunter's a sleaze. Evil dad aka Thomas is unaware his trophy wife is still carrying on with her ex. Trophy wife and her ex are freaky. Cal and Chloe get revenge on a jerk. Shane runs JD over and menaces him. This is apparently regular behaviour for Shane as he was abusive to dead Kelly. Henry acts more freakily. The Sheriff killed John Wakefield back in the day. And in the crowning moment of awesome, Hunter is shotgunned to death via a booby trapped motor boat engine. This was okay. Hunter getting his was a great moment and the mystery of what went on in college with Hunter/Trish/Henry isn't yet clear but it's suitably murky. Henry is creeping me out a bit.
Main Suspect: Henry.
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