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Amerika (1987) part 9 + Arrow 5x14 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 9
Devin is an incoherent lunatic. He corners his eldest son in a school toilet, it looks creepy. He commits parental abduction. Children sing and the administration is evil. No-one recognises Devin. There are more scenes of kids singing and condemning evil past America. Devin is crazy and dangerous. His eldest son William is carried off but the youngest son Caleb has issues and won’t go.

Logic and reason do the Korbut flip. Why wasn’t Devin killed back in the day? Caleb informs on Devin. Soviets are callous and unnecessarily cruel. Devin’s planned abduction goes awry. Caleb runs around screaming for his dad to be killed. There is bad acting and Caleb gets a gun. Devin’s evil sex shrieks. Devin rants about the common man and William is smuggled into Devin’s hometown and meets the doctor.

I’m disinterested in Devin and his evil ex. Guess what? They’re still married. Devin is a nut. He and Denisov chat. WTF is Denisov wearing? Devin wears a woolly jumper to make him look like a harmless folksy nerd. Why isn’t this mini-series lit properly? ‘Lace’ and ‘Condominium’ looked better then this. People orate. Devin was an independent candidate in the 1988 election and videotape shows how when he showed up to a debate; he insulted the press and ranted about foreign powers and special interests. Others yelled that the 1988 election was rigged by the Soviets, some uneasy parallels with the modern day here.

There was a confrontation on a staircase and why were things so bad in 88? How long has Devin’s ex been having an affair? Devin was publicly humiliated on TV in 88. Denisov’s grandfather was in a camp. Devin yells. Peter’s family dine. Jackie ponders. Peter’s wife is called Amanda and she rants and is indignant. Devin’s daddy blubbers. This was boring apart from some odd relevance to current happenings. Devin’s ex is his judge. Devin comes across as a loon. Devin and his ex fight in court. Denisov protects the crazy child-abducting Devin. WHY? Courts don’t work like that, logic doesn’t work like that and this was not raw or unflinching only muddled.

Best Lines:
“What are we going to do? Blow up stuff?”

“Real scared.”
“Of what?”

“The destructive ways of the past are gone.”

“Corrupt reminder of the past.”

“Damn you Caleb. Don’t be so stupid.”

“Are you still crazy?”
“I was never crazy.”

“Get him!”

“What are you?”
“I’m an enemy of the people.”

“Just keep running.”

“I betrayed my husband with you.”

“Have you seen any Russian troops?”

“More of a threat dead than alive.”

“Happy to accept failure.”

“Saved you from having to prove yourself.”

“This election’s a farce!”

“What is your function?”

“I accuse you Devin Milford!”

“Feared and despised person.”

“The best political platform: martyrdom.”

“He has to be killed.”

“Not my life anymore.”

“He let you destroy him?”

“Fear and hostility.”

“Everything we are we learned there.”

“Stood for much.”

“Not strong enough to survive that.”

“Take a shotgun to them.”

“Don’t mean you ain’t welcome.”

“I don’t plead.”

“I’m in contempt of everything you’ve done!”

“Where’s Billy!”
“He’s free.”

“I don’t hate you. I wish I could.”

“The subjugation of my country.”

“Never be another America.”

“The issue of what is to come.”

“It would have done nothing.”

The Sin Eater
I started watching this again when I heard rumours that Tommy Merlyn was Prometheus. Oliver is a smug, self righteous idiot, who does things to his great detriment. There is a deepening atmosphere of suspicion. Oliver isn’t the formidable adversary he thinks he is. China White, Liza and Cupid escape jail. Oliver does accusatory stares and has no trust, love, compassion or respect just predation. Felicity annoys. Dinah is Laurel’s replacement.

Oliver lies and smugs, because that worked out so well with Tommy. People mumble. Oliver makes mistakes that have come to define him. There are useless flashbacks. This was not weirdly compelling. Quentin is useless. There are even more useless flashbacks. Nobody gains insight. This was not an ep to savour. Thea and Felicity are not shamed faced and they do precipitous crap. Everything Oliver does has an extremely negative impact. Felicity is seldom satisfied. Chase looks constipated.

The sidekicks annoy. Where is Evelyn? Quentin is fine with Dinah appropriating the Black Canary name. Quentin is a lying hypocrite. Oliver never takes responsibility and is pathologically incapable of honesty and tries to avoid being judged. Susan has her life ruined. This is not satisfying or revealing. This was a joke, not fit for purpose. Thea is a vile smug bitch who needs c##t punting. No enormous steps of progress are made.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t mean for it to go this far.”
“Yes you did.”

“Who does that to a person?”

“Gross overstep of the Mayor’s authority.”
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