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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘King Arthur: Legend Of Sword’ promo

‘Girls’ season 1 promo
Adam Driver goes on you.

‘Line Of Duty’ promo
The life-ruiners strike again.

‘The Replacement’ 1x02 promo

‘Supergirl’ 2x15 promo
Fighting and fat Dean Cain.

‘Arrow’ 5x16 promo

‘The Flash’ 3x15 promo

Organic 72% dark choc with peppermint essential oil & crunchy raw cacao nibs - no.
Pancake Tuesday was not a success due to a nasty brand of gluten free pancake mix.

Houseguest blared radio, breathed loudly, made snotty comments about the TV listings and the phone book and leaves doors open. Houseguest sulks, rants about where his life went wrong, drinks our wine, is thankless, makes a mess, throws the TV listings at people and doesn’t wash one dish.

I won’t review ‘Supergirl’ 2x13 ‘Mr & Mrs Mxyzptlk’.

Anyone see ‘Nadia’ (1984)?

‘Class’ has been axed.

Recall ‘The DJ Kat Show’ or ‘Hunter’, ‘The Big Easy’, ‘The Strangerers’ or ‘Earthworm Jim’?

Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles’ was not good.

‘A Simple Plan’ (1998) was dull. ‘Weird Science’ (1985) was okay. ‘Predator 2’ (1990) wasn’t. ‘The Last Supper’ (1995) was okay as ‘Frailty’ (2001).

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A awful drug addicted teen out of control, running over people.”

“Are you prepared to hear the truth?”

“Food with stuff growing on it.”

“One last job away from eviction.”

“My fridge is problematic.”

“He chose that on his own.”

“Stop and stop now.”

“Older rich men.”

“Victim card.”

“Nobody in their sane mind does that.”

“Out there doing bad things.”

Isn’t he?”

“Exactly accurate.”

“Ran somebody over in the street.”

“How did he get out?”

“Common sense isn’t common enough any more.”

“Yet to suffer any consequences.”

“What did he do with that car?”

“Failure to yield ticket.”

“He runs over a man in the street.”

“How absurd does that sound?”

“Thrown my phone through a wall.”

“Worthy of reacting to.”

“Worthy of parental reaction.”

“No contact order.”

“No trespass order.”

“Life script.”

“Didn’t feel bad for very long.”

“No threshold of consideration.”

“Console their little hearts.”

“Took my morphine.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Fervently unwelcoming.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Insist on immediate public rectification right there on stage.”

“Sexual attractiveness.”

“Tragically apt.”

“Carapace of masculine swagger.”

“Refusal to be deferential.”

“Social anthrax.”

“Acting in a very obscene manner.”

“One guy was living in a closet.”

“Revoked the revocation.”

“Ordered another MP to stop staring at him.”

“The cultural mood.”

“Normalisation of her rhetoric.”

“Unflinching look at themselves.”

“Stately prose.”

“Carefree apogee.”

“Brownie Mary - if she wasn’t in jail -would drop off the brownies.”

“Reputational storm.”

“Behavioural needs.”

“Lying undiscovered since long before we farmed here.”

“No one would take any notice.”

“They never listened.”

“Dirty bitches.”

“Deeply sensitive and guarded.”

“Extreme insensitivity.”

“Absolutely unequipped to deal with any suggestion of real world consequences.”

“Barriers of acceptability.”

“Enforcement with consequences.”

“Experience solitude as if it were normal.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Light on specifics.”

‘Great Continental Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Not a good thing to be called that in 1913.”

“British Royal House.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Willow wants to join the Air Force, Piper whines, fat Toadie is going to cheat, Sonya and Steph are vile and Elly and Mark are going to hook up. ‘Dee’ does stuff just to get attention. Tyler is dumb and wears a shirt ripped to show off his nipples. There are intimations. ‘Dee’ wears hooker clothes and neglects her child. Steph confronts Elly. Sonya, Karl and Susan have a sense of prying. Steph and Sonya are obsessive hate mongers with no emotional weight. ‘Dee’ is vile and offensive. This is not poignant or potent. Sonya is not letting go of the baby.

Mark is an agent of punishment. Steph is a slut. Paul runs the motel. ‘Dee’ strolls about Toadie and Sonya’s house. Mark should get a lawyer and get that baby cut out of crazy Sonya. Steph pops her crazy pills. She has no grace and acceptance. Sonya is ruinous. This was not fascinating or disturbing. Toadie is sexually frustrated. David is the only doctor. This was airless and affectless. This is not a hard and terrifying place. Sonya is spiteful and abstracted from reality and moral norms.

Sonya is a nutter who hates Elly and wants to decide the baby’s name. Mark is disgusted by Steph. Sonya is a massive jerk. This was not gloriously ambivalent. Sonya has pretensions and is all obstruction. Aaron is thick. Where are all the tourists who stay in the hotel, motel and yoof hostel? Toadie is a liar. Why does Jasmine hate David and Leo?

Best Lines:
“He was married to me first.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Neeta’s in trouble. Leela screeches. Peri feels neglected. Where is her baby? Where is James? Grace resurfaces and looks weather-beaten and dirty. Leela shrieks and is a dumpster fire. She’s fat trash. Nancy’s kids tantrum. The cooper sneers. Peri is a klepto. Courtney is useless. Leela is called a vile slut and unfit mother - every word is true.

Best Lines:
“Only with less thrusting.”

“This is normal for us.”

“Mean horrible cow.”


“Am I just invisible now?!?”
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