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Amerika (1987) part 8 + The Flash 3x13 + The Replacement (2017) 1x01 + Timeless 1x12 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 8
This has no furious intensity or moral structure, just naked deceit. A man gets a bath. This was not emotionally charged. I did not see value in this. Russians are painted as villains. This nightmarish incarnation of America sends a horrid vile message. People orate their absolute conviction. This is an untrustworthy narrative, that raises no nightmarish dread. Devin’s evil ex is the subject of lingering distaste by TPTB.

This was deliberately concocted by TPTB for people to have utter abhorrence for Russians, who are characterised as deranged. You can see why this was unheralded; it was not warm and profound. Devin’s evil ex is tastefully coy. Devin has notions of authenticity and self-enthralment. He also has nostalgia for imagined past greatness. This was not a good social critique.

Russians are easily vilified. Devin’s evil ex does a tit show for her Russian lover and does taunting disgust. This leaves one uninvolved. Denisov and Peter stare at each other. There is no trust or confidence. Devin’s evil ex has a perm. The doctor is bothered by the evil Principle. There are special service troops. This was absurd and completely irrelevant with 80s hair. Kimberley’s play is cancelled. People play up their outrage and this was not menacing or enticing.

Peter’s wife whines. Why do Russians speak English? Kimberley cries. The doctor is menaced. Devin plans to kidnap his sons. People go on about American exceptionalism. Toilets flood and this was boring.

Best Lines:
“You do not have the strength to be my enemy.”

“No one blames you for what happened in 88.”

“An exile uprising.”

“Dangerously corrupting.”

“Self important bastards.”

“No more safe places.”

Attack On Gorilla City
Jesse shows up, Harry’s been kidnapped and HR annoys. Iris is unequivocally annoying. Harry is patronising. HR is not an authoritative alternative to Harry. TPTB besmirch Julian to make Barry look good. Why are people so reverential of Barry? Joe mumbles and Julian’s justifiable grievances have been set aside. Jesse snots and there is no moral current.

I no longer have innate confidence that this show will be good. Will Iris die already? This was not done with absolute conviction. Snow whines. Why does Earth2 Africa look like Canada? I felt distain for this. Gorilla City is all bad VFX. Harry puts on a stupid accent. Jesse and Wally bore. The gorillas aren’t unforgettably sinister. Gorilla City is acrawl with bad CGI gorillas. There are snarling retorts and this was fervently bad. Grodd plots. I'm THIS close to dumping this show.

Best Lines:
“Are you going to planet of the apes?”

“It’s all about the running away.”

The Replacement (2017) 1x01
This BBC1 drama by Joe Ahearne of ‘Ultraviolet’ was boring. An architect firm designs ugly buildings. Whiny bitch Ellen is pregnant and dresses and talks like the twit from ‘Girls’. Paula and her tight skirt and spike heels provides Ellen’s maternity cover. Ellen doesn’t like Paula and sees her as being out of get her. This is a stark social reminder of how women hate other women. I watched this with an air of incredulity. Ellen is not nice and is a nasty nasty cow.

Ellen is accused of not wanting her baby. She snaps at her man, Ian, and at her co-workers. Ian was her shrink back when she was crazy. Ellen whines and is an uncontinable cow. She’s got inexorable cravings to annoy. Ellen does no convincing condemnations of Paula. Ellen has a history of crazy.

Ellen is not intelligent, driven or witty. She has no moral culpability. Her instinct to strike back doesn’t help her case. She makes trouble for herself. This was a letdown and it was not even vaguely threatening. It was all just trivial fights.

Best Lines:
“Anybody else for botulism?”

“There are conversations being had and I’m not across it!”

“Stop cutting me out of conversations.”

“Don’t treat it like an inconvenience.”

“Minimise contact with her.”

“You want me to fail.”

“Alienating your entire office.”

“She’s finally made a mistake.”

The Murder Of Jesse James
The characters are stupid. The gang have to look at their pattern of reaction to Flynn and wonder what their moral duty is. They have incompetent judgement. Flynn broods. No wonder the ratings for this aren’t good. Where is Amy’s fiancée? Wyatt bores and babbles. Mason does gross things. Rufus blubbers. Flynn saves Jesse James. Where does Flynn get his old time clothes? Wyatt and Rufus rant. There is PC babble. The inspirations for the Lone Ranger and Tonto show up. This was dull and there is a twist.

Best Lines:
“You do not shut up.”

“I’m insulted you’re surprised.”

“Does the casualness with which we talk about murder ever bother you?”

“This ain’t the 1820s.”

“I think I have a pretty good idea.”

“Righteous town folk.”
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