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Book Review: Rise, part 2 + Headlong Flight

Rise by Mira Grant, part 2

How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea
An ‘internet journalist’ goes to Australia and encounters wide open spaces, zombie wildlife, less paranoia, violently angry locals and hope for the future. This was an okay tale of a man who sees himself as a selfless moral and ethical guiding post.

Best Lines:
“Zombie kangaroos laying siege to Sydney.”

“Sensing their impending doom.”

“General air of theatrics.”

The Day The Dead Came To Show And Tell
School teacher Elaine tries to protect her charges after an outbreak in her school in 2036. Something very very bad happens. This was good and done with all seriousness and rigor.

Please Do Not Taunt The Octopus
Elaine is now Foxy a violent insane Harley Quinn knockoff. She is found by mad scientists. They deal with some worrying aspects of the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. This was okay but it really shows how all Grant’s characters sound exactly alike.

Best Lines:
“An excessively theatrical manner.”

“Your grim-looking mercenaries.”

All The Pretty Little Horses
This is the story of Stacy and Michael Mason, the ill-treated adoptive parents of the foul Georgia and Shaun. It reveals their truth, something Georgia and Shaun were too selfish to ever ask about. This was good with no celebratory survival just a fanatical need by creepy and tragic people with existential angst who’ve been irrevocably shattered.

Best Line:
“Old, unnecessary societal standards.”

Coming To You Live
Shaun and clone Georgia and their vanity, pomposity, millennial vacuity and incest hide in the wilds of Canada. Georgia is a clone due to the pointlessly elaborate mythology of this series. This was all high emotion with no narrative pulse or infectious enthusiasm. The narrative problems of Georgia and Shaun’s creepy relationship go on. They are properly terrible but Grant adores them. This was all bumbling ineptitude surrounding preposterousness.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Headlong Flight by Dayton Ward
The Enterprise E encounters a weird planet in a nebula and meets ships from other dimensions. Picard fawns over his brat and bores. T’Ryssa Chen is TPTB’s pet. The alternate realities aren’t that interesting. Picard violates numerous regulations and this was boring and not massively ingenious. This was devoid of imagination and was infuriating. The various crew’s sentimental self importance and tendency to indiscipline was idiotic. This was a damning account of morons.

Best Lines:
“They will not be back, and neither do they wish us to follow.”

“A lot more ready than we are right now.”
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