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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Devil’s Candy’ trailer
Shiri Appleby stars in this tale of a possessed painter. This looks good and creepy.

Best Lines:
“Satan’s lie.”

“His demons on earth.”

“His unspeakable deeds.”

“Wonderfully disturbing,”

“He will slither into your soul.”

‘Agents Of Shield’ 4x16 promo
Grant Ward is back as Daisy sees what could have been. Hydra and Ward. Sigh.

‘The Flash’ promo ‘Attack On Central City

‘Trespass Against Us’ promo

‘The White Princess’ promo
In this sequel to ‘The White Queen’, Henry VII is King and Elizabeth of York is his wife. So she whines and plots. This has different actors and looks dumb. This isn’t marriage, its war. NO.

Best Line:
“Changing sides to who though?”

‘Big Little Lies’ promo

Best Line:
Don’t blow over, they blow up.”

‘Timeless’ promo

Kong: Skull island’ TV spot

‘The New Edition Story’ promo
Looks interesting.

The Swingers’ promo

‘Arrow’ 5x15 promo

Popcorn chicken - mmmm.
Spicy wedges - nice.
Posh Bits Cocoa Sea Salt - nice.
Poached eggs and bacon - okay.
Sage and Blackberry lemonade - okay.

I will review ‘And The Ass Saw The Angel’, ‘Swan Song’, ‘Lady Midnight’ and ‘Shadows Fall’.

Anyone see ‘Forgotten Sins’ (1996)?

No ‘Hellboy 3’.

So ‘Marry Me’ was axed.

Recall The Herald of Free Enterprise?

Houseguest screeched about his aesthetic tendencies, his job which ‘destroyed’ him, a ‘dowdy’ woman and how he needed to be ‘protected’. He messes up the hot press and yells about sheets and the sink he used STINKS. He lectures on my diet and correct dishwasher setting ways and made a spectacle of himself in a restaurant. Then he gets up, goes out, leaves door open, shuts other doors and turns the heat on to full for no reason and blares his radio loudly. And makes the kitchen into a dump. Thanks. LEAVE! He goes out and leaves doors open, radios on and the fridge OPEN. FFS!

I won’t read ‘Glass Arrow’.

Who misses '2DTV'?

I didn’t like ‘In Treatment’.

Who read Richard Preston’s ‘The Hot Zone’ (1994)?

Anyone see the ‘Seven Days’ ep ‘The Gettysburg Virus’ (1998)?

Anyone see ‘Strange World’ (1999)?

I won’t review the ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV show after all.

‘Girls’ Quote:
“This is underwear with holes in the crotches.”

“Like all girls who listen to Tori Amos.”

‘Bones’ Quotes:
“Disgusting sick.”

“Skulls don’t float.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Sometimes obstructive.”

“Hopeless vote loser.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Reviled by liberal, hippyish music fans.”

“The allocation of power in the countryside.”

“I don’t want my baby wearing no hooker clothes,”

“Insult reclamation.”

“Wondered how he managed to have friends.”

“Death-by-dropped-ice-cream cone.”

“Eludes a police chopper by hiding under a cow.”

“This is music for people who beat up Pakistanis.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Denied any hostility to modern thinking.”

“Unequivocally orthodox.”

“He spent the next three decades a heavily medicated recluse.”

“Generational values.”

“A semantic refinement too far.”

“Almost triumphlist address.”

“Had unnerving echoes.”

“Nor do they have any intention of doing so.”

“Diplomatically rude.”

“Being not competent.”

“Theological competence.”

“Legally acceptable.”

“Compliance issues.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Die underneath some bridge.”

“A very disparaging term.”

“She likes to see him fail.”

“She does not feel acknowledged.”

“Since when?”

“I don’t feel the love from her.”

“Threatening you with a machete?”

She vents a lot.”

“Why are you talking about toast?”

“Poop police.”

“Thrown me away like garbage.”

“Picks fights with total strangers.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Self-evident incorrectness.”

“Reasoning by analogy.”

“Excellence is not the criteria.”

“Things that stink of Satan’s every wickedness.”

“The hotel manager punched the caps off the singer’s teeth.”

“A few jobless locals who seemed to spend their days lazing on their sofas smoking.”

“Others who took over the village and decided what norms and values applied.”

On ‘Neighbours’: ‘Dee’ has no allowable place in the street. Steph makes things worse. There are no complicated economics just hostile displays. This was not wholly convincing and there is no real sense of threat. This was less than okay. Sonya is upset with Steph and her lies and drama. Toadie is so going to dump Sonya for ‘Dee’. Nell tells and Toadie won’t listen. ‘Dee’ plays Toadie. Karl poisons people. ‘Dee’ bullies Nell.

Steph and Victoria are dangerously psychotically selfish and accusing. Oh Steph’s bike was pushed over - oh boo hoo! Mark has a seething quality and wants attention. Steph gets a defective vehicle sticker. Steph has damaged and destroyed 2 families and does not care. A clean looking homeless man is bothered. WTF is a flametree? There is sausage gobbling. Why are Terse and Lauren friendly? Leo and David want their daddy. Steph does not act in a placatory fashion.

Best Lines:
“The scrape-scrape-scrape game.”

“I don’t want any space.”

“Everything is fake.”

“Supermarket mince!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Mac tells Marnie that Nathan’s death was her fault. To her horror and James’. Mac is unflinchingly gross. Marnie breaks down and gets punched out by Ellie in the church. Why wasn’t James at the funeral? Lisa returns. Alfie rages. Frankie is a fool for Diego. Cleo screeches. Kim plots. Marnie overhears something revelatory with cold surprise.


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