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Supernatural 12x06 + Timeless 1x11 + Gap Year (2017) 1x01 + The Swingers (2014) 1x01 Reviewed

This looks cheap and low budget and is full of bored actors and characters who should have been killed off long ago. Dean and Sam the US Jedward hunt Lucifer who has possessed the POTUS. There is mumbling and Castiel the show killer twitches. Lucifer is to be a daddy. There are no moral codes of conduct or legitimate expectations of quality. The brothers predetermined decisions are dumb. A UK Man Of Letters has a stupid accent and is dumb. This was all stupidity and plot illogic.

Best Line:
“Two mentally unstable individuals - possible cult members.”

The World’s Columbian Exposition
Lucy ruins everything. Flynn rages. Houdini prances around the Chicago World Fair. A serial killer lurks. Flynn is beholden to nothing. There is an obvious twist and this bored and was ugh.

Best Lines:
“A new one with a new woman.”

“History’s greatest dicks.”

Gap Year (2017) 1x01
This E4 drama is about annoying millenials who can’t go travelling in a non-contentious way. Nobody has a reasonable nature and I hated this.

Best Line:
“Have orgies and get shot and stuff.”

The Swingers aka New Neighbours (2014) 1x01
This Dutch TV show is about sexual psychosis and crossing the boundaries of your own morality. This opens with trouble and flashes back to 22 weeks ago. A new couple expecting a baby move to suburbia. Hubby watches a sexpot as does an old perv. The sexpot has a shifty cop husband who looks at the pregnant wife. Old people lurk. There is soft toy mangling and a premature birth. How does the elderly disabled woman get up and down the massive spiral staircase in her home while her perv husband is out stalking the sexpot? There is death, secrets and chavs. Nah.

Best Line:
“Whose dump is this?”
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