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Movie Review: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014)

This has mumbling and apes using sign language and talking. Keri Russell, Kirk Acevedo, Enrique Murciano and Gary Oldman star. This is all about forgiving someone who isn’t sorry and accepting an apology that was never received. James Franco is seen on a recording; presumably he died in the virus he unwittingly unleashed. This dystopia is what he created.

This has CGI monkeys with guns, Gary Oldman and his madman beard yelling and cultural unease. There is the burdensome responsibility of trying to restore power, apes plotting and no intuitive brilliance. This has soulful humans and a patina of quality. This was self-mythologizing but nobody has moral scruples just noir menace. The apes are vile things with cold indifference and toxic ideas. There is outlandish injustice, psychodrama and fearful suspicion. This was inevitably unlovable. There is deliberate ignorance and glowering machismo by meat poles who wreck havoc and this leads to unending tedium. There is even more mumbling and this was not an entrancing bleak imagining. I felt only weary ambivalence.
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