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Book Review: Rise, part 1

Rise by Mira Grant, part 1
This is a collection of short stories set in the ‘Newsflesh’ universe.

An account of how the virus came to be, thanks to foolish and muddled people making sanctimonious statements. And it shows how people became repulsed and disillusioned. This was good.

I read this in ‘The Living Dead 2’. As the outbreak rages, a woman decides she doesn’t want to live in the new America. This was very good.

Best Line:
“Thursday, the zombies came.”

San Diego 2014: The Last Stand Of The California Browncoats
In 2044, a man interviews the sole survivor of the 2014 comic-con. He asks about her negative personal experiences of the day the Rising began. This was good but not as poignant as Grant thinks it is.

Best Lines:
“It had entered via the front door, and it was not leaving.”

“They’re not going to let us in, and I don’t think we want them coming out.”

“A future they died before seeing.”
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