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Numb3rs Season 3 Ep 12&13 Reviews

Nine Wives
The tiresome Charlie and Amita pairing go on a roundtrip. The show has apparently forgotten the Don and Amita anvils they were dropping back in season 1. Thankfully the wretched Larry/ISS rubbish isn't mentioned once in this ep, as if he could pass a psych test. Anyway Charlie and Amita have to cut their trip short as Don needs their help to find a crazed malignant narcissist polygamy cult leader. Because the FBI can't function without Charlie holding their hands and explaining that water is wet apparently. Dr Finch returns to annoy. The cult leader quest ends in a fiery hellpit of death. This was good.

Finders Keepers
Don and co hunt for a sunken racing yacht. Liz shows up, Dr Finch annoys, Charlie keeps stuff from Don, another agency crashes the party and it turns out the yacht's skipper didn't drown at sea. Charlie gets to tell everyone how to do their jobs (again) and protests that: "All the koi lived!" This was goodish.
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