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Amerika (1987) part 7 + Supergirl 2x12 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) part 7
There is mumbling about Resisters. Self righteous thirstbucket Devin needs punching. There is sadness and callous disregard. Sad music plays over dialogue free scenes for AGES. The doctor shows up for one scene. Nuance and the 1980s rarely go hand in hand. People are morally conflicted. This has washed out colour and little dialogue. This also has noir clichés that are generically familiar. A loony plays a cello. A solider speaks Russian but it doesn’t sound Russian. People yell, the Soviets do icy reprimands and there is growing rage. The evil principle sneers. The word Nazi is thrown around. There are no telephone lines and this was horrid.

There is a cheery Volunteer guide. She sees off the men headed to the USSR to work in factories. Devin does breathy, gravely mumbling. There is bad ADR, bad editing, bad direction and gunshots. People clearly try to be thespy. An instigator strikes. Reason is suspended in this long and arid mess. TPTB that made this clearly never thought about what the Russians thought of America. The underground nightclub act does a Miss New America act and we finally learn the name of Mariel Hemingway’s character: Kimberly Ballard.

Kimberley sings via obvious dubbing and this demands to be taken very seriously. This grim milieu is not terrifically engaging and this was annoyingly predicative and nobody expresses any emotion or enunciates. Kimberly is disgusted with herself and at what she has done and become. In the US, this got a 5 videotape boxset release. It looked dramatic but why no DVD release?

Best Lines:
“What a stink.”

“I can’t make you believe me.”

“We’re going to town, follow her.”

“Volunteers for America.”

“Drift on home now.”

“Look what you made me do.”

“You go out.”

“The established authorities are absent.”

“Family aid authorisation chit.”

“Didn’t want any rabble rousers in Siberia.”

“Out of options.”

“Any involvement in disorder will result in disqualification.”


”I demand to be arrested!”

“Live in communist bliss.”

“The Sedition Act of 1988.”

This was like watching ‘Smallville’. No joy detection here. Lena recalls bald bad Lionel and young Lex. Mon-El is seismically ill-conceived. Kara honks like a goose. Things are misconstrued and Winn is a tool. People hate Lena because she is a Luthor. James is an ass and there is no Max Lord. There is mumbling, Lillian sneers and Lena is satisfyingly mystifying. Lionel is dead. Prisons have no security and Metallo rants. Alex sneers and the VFX is terrible. Kara wears horrible orange lipstick and everyone craps on Lena. James is a jerk and there is a ‘Smallville’ shoutout.

People irritate. Kara fawns over the stupid Mon-El. All the charisma Chris Wood showed in ‘Containment’ is gone. There is mouth breathing and a bio-metric lock. Winn talks like a tool. There is a warsuit and a waraxe which I’m sure will return. Alex is useless. And nobody apologises to Lena for insulting her, doubting her, bad mouthing her, arresting her and slandering her. Snapper Carr sneers. James and his stupid shield should be ashamed of himself; everyone else needs to hang their head in shame. Henshaw and his silly mask is dumb. This was mediocre with bad acting and crappy writing. Kara never dispenses with her adoration of Lena and everyone else demonstrates their aversion, I’m sure TPTB will make Lena bad just cos they’re lazy hacks.

Best Lines:
“This is your new mother.”

“Public shaming.”

“We don’t get second chances.”

“Drive him crazy defending himself.”

“The angry rant of an estranged daughter.”

“Geometry with sticks.”

“She’s not the victim.”

“You have no one on your side.”
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