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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 2x14 promo
Mon-El bores and Dean Cain is back and there are dark, terrible implications.

Best Line:
Why is nobody questioning this?”

‘Twin Peaks’ tease
It is happening again. The music is different though.

‘Reign’ season 4 promo
Mary makes a confession while wearing a tacky tiara, Elizabeth and Catherine stare. This looks good.

Best Lines:
“I have married a man who wishes me dead.”

“I have murder in my heart.”

“Preserve my reign.”

‘Prime Suspect 1973’ promo

‘Fist Fight’ TV spot
WTF is this?

Best Lines:
“Snitches got stitches.”

“I look like a minion.”

I won’t review ‘Gotham’ 2x22 ‘Transference’.

Anyone see ‘New York News’ (1995)?

Houseguest leaves the fridge open and lies in bed and doesn’t wash and wouldn’t help me when the door handle snapped off my bedroom door.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Everybody is sick of this.”

“Your decision is bad.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Importunately chummy.”

“Germans in S&M leather wear wander around as if they own the place. Which, intolerably they do.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Human detritus.”

“Develop curiosity.”

“You can’t hear if someone wielding an axe is creeping up.”

“To say perceptive things - about Europe, about the misuses of patriotism - that flop because he says them.”

“Declining to avoid further insult.”

‘3 News’ Quotes:
“We will tolerate that.”

“It is an abominable issue.”

“Devastated my period of office.”

“Pie eating controversy.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“The contraceptive culture.”

“Commitment to procreation.”

Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“You don’t spend time in prison without making contacts. People who watch your back.”
“What, when they’re trying to bum you?”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper whines and Toadie is remortgaging his house. Father Jack has not finally learned to count. ‘Dee’ is obviously a lunatic. Paige’s lies come out. ‘Dee’ looks OLD. Paige lies to Jack. Piper is stupid. Does anyone recall Matt? Drab is down with adultery. Piper shrieks and Steph home wrecks and endangers Nell. No cultural associations here.

Best Line:
You’ve ruined everything between them!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: James sums up ‘Wizard of Oz’ as 2 women fighting over shows. Scott and Ste are extremely vexatious and unreasonable. Cleo whines. Harry has insensitive responses. Diane has no dignity or pose. Shane is an arse. Warren rages. Everyone has all the warmth and personal charm of cobras. Mac, Ellie and Alfie speak to James, recalling he exists. Marnie is broken. James gives his father a menacing expression. Where is Neeta? Mac is mind numbingly terrible. Feck off Harry! Where are Tony and Diane’s twins? Alfie and Ellie recall James is a Nightingale.

Best Lines:
“A serial philanderer with rage issues.”

“How many more do you need?”

“Sorry we’re not in the market for a devious cow.”

“Listen to their truth.”

“Help her.”

“Proved to be a disappointment.”

“He doesn’t want you and he never will!”

“Try hitting me like you mean it.”
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