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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Power Rangers’ (2017) trailer
The zords and fighting and Rita. Yeah.

Best Line:
“How cute.”

‘The Things I Haven’t Told You’ promo
Once I wished I’d seen this BBC3 drama. There is a fire, fake tan, loud music, staring and chokers. This looks poo.

SS-GB’ 1x02 promo
The final act. Mmmm. A Nazi gets punched.

Best Line:
“We need nothing of you.”

‘Line Of Duty’ promo

Mutiny’ promo

‘Catastrophe’ promo

There will be a ‘Castle Rock’ TV show?

JFK Jnr is dead nearly 17 years.

I want ‘The Kindred’ (1987) on DVD. John’s got a half brother. Half bother, half something else.

I’d try flourless orange cake.

Who saw ‘Clockers’? Or ‘Jingle All The Way’.

The 1994 ‘Pulp Fiction’ was not all that.

I can recall the genuine excitement of when ‘Twin Peaks’ originally aired.

I won’t read ‘Beyond The Ice Limit’, ‘Gilded Cage’, ‘Need’, ‘The Apartment’ or ‘Pseudotooth’.

I’ll review ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’.

Houseguest whines about apartments he could have bought. He drank away all his money. He wants to have dinner without the TV on but won’t make said dinner. He eats during the night and spills crumbs everywhere, leaves his mail and laundry lying around and stomps around. He threatens not to leave, ever. He complains about the way the fridge is stacked.

‘The Kindred’ (1987) Quote:
“Oh my god!”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“The harbinger of moral corruption.”

“Screaming and wailing.”

“An absolute disgrace.”

“Had the good sense not to go legal.”

“Culturally complacent.”

“Hairspray rock.”

“Almost always destroys family relationships into the future.”

“Outcasts in sections of the family.”

“Refused to bathe, cut his nails or hair, use a toilet or even open the curtains.”

“Food was just running through me.”

“Sounding absurd.”

“Serious-minded epic.”

A certain cachet.”

“You just complain and complain.”

“Cultural tribute.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Own personal nadir.”

“What seems like a conspiracy.”

“Malicious agenda.”

“Contemplation galore.”

‘The Observer’ Quotes:
“European thought.”

“Stopping them from being treated as unquestionable.”

“Harbinger of intellectual modernity.”

“Constitutive narrative.”

“Hostile to reason.”

“Out now to murder her.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Release the sedated quail.”

“His hitty stick.”

“I refuse to hire the handicapped.”

“Waiver of liability.”

“Un-dreamt dreams.”

“Swingers & pushers.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Don’t get the impression that you arouse my anger.”

‘Helix’ Quote:
“It’s not naturally occurring. At least not in this century.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper has an utter inability to make self respecting decisions. Toadie fawns over Willow and has minimal affection for Sonya. And Sonya looks like she crawled out of a dirty lake. Piper is caked in make up and suspicious of Tyler. David and Leo bore. There is no emotional context or supplicated decadence. Aaron has an ass tattoo and is a man slut. Elly, Paige and Amy go clubbing. Are they friends? Tyler is sick of Piper. Elly busts Piper’s lies and ‘Dee’ is awful. This has no compelling logic.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Scott’s a jerk. Ste forgets he cheated on John-Paul TWICE and got Sinead pregnant during his marriage to John-Paul. Ste and John-Paul hang out. James is menaced by Finn. Cleo, Shane, Joel and Sienna have no emotional engagement. Leela is just human garbage. John-Paul is awful. Finn is in a continuous loop of conflict and causes displeasure. Scott shrugs off shame. Cleo is a thief. James tells John-Paul what happened to him, has flashbacks to Mac’s abuse and cries. John-Paul feels shame and James tells John-Paul he loves him. John-Paul is the second worst person alive after Leela. Tony’s fed up. Diane’s forgotten Sinead. Scott and Lily are useless. Harry is thick. John-Paul signs the divorce papers. Harry has no class and Ste’s a jackass. Scott sees Ste and John-Paul making out.
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