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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

The Magicians’ season 2 promo

‘Gap Year’ promo

Chicken mulligatawny soup - okay.
Fruit infused natural juice - ugh.

Anyone see the 1995 ‘Safe’?

I will review ‘Lost Stars’, 'Beyond The Gates', 'Hood', 'Agents of Dreamland', 'Remnants of Trust', 'The Best and The Brightest', 'Helix' season 2 and 'The Long Mirage'.

Recall the Atmosfear game?

RIP Damien Baker.

‘Born Free’ was overwrought.

Ever see Fascinating Aida?

Where is the trailer for beam sword thing movie ‘The Last Jedi’?

What happened to Richard Simmons?

‘Sinkholes: Buried Alive’ was scary viewing.

Darren Criss is to be in the ‘American Crime Story’ season about Versace?

Ever see ‘In The Heat Of The Night’? Either the film or TV version?

Recall Colin Greenland’s books?

Anyone see the 1991 ‘Chimera’? Or ‘The Black Heath Poisonings’?

Anyone see ‘Raise The Red Lantern’? Or the 1994 ‘Threesome’? Or the 1972 ‘Tales From The Crypt’?

I did not like Mary Gentle’s ‘Golden Witchbreed’.

Penguins of Madagascar’ Quote:
“More revenge!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Never taught him a work ethic.”

“Kicked out of the college class he’s not going to.”

“Arrested him like he was a murderer.”

“Faces no consequences.”

“Why is this going on?”

“Little looks that you have.”

“Hair shampoo.”

“Get your hand out of my wallet.”

“Handle your business like a man.”

“Pay his fines and bail money.”

“No threat of legal repercussions.”

“Needs to face consequences.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“I have limited sympathy.”

“Offers to make amends.”

“Sorrowful testimony.”

“A person portrayed as so vile that his words must not be heard.”

“I think, oh my god, that poor homeless tramp,” she says. “And then I realise it is my husband, drunk as a skunk.”

“Must have been tearing out what little hair he had left out.”

“Tragic behavioural pattern.”

“He returns only to pick a fight.”

“Ignominious tabloid headlines and drunken chat show appearances.”

“Regardless of any explicit intention.”

“Avoidable error.”

“Social embodiment.”

“Modify or contextualise.”

“Inherent asymmetry.”


‘Totally Dublin’ Quotes:
“Built environment.”

“Historically othered.”

“Poor fit with society’s cultural norms.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper orates and does not channel her anger. Paige and Lauren do not care about Ned. There are more ethically questionable acts. Amy learns Leo is a liar. Mark hates cheater Steph. Amy does a citizens arrest on Leo. There are preordinained notions about Gary. This was not emotionally charged. Leo is brazenly present. Steph bitches and ruins things between Elly and Ned.

Steph faces consequences. Ned leaves. Piper’s dim. There is no frank realism or grim grittiness. Ned takes his shirt off before leaving. Elly’s veneers looks like they’re about to fall out. Ned left without Elly due to Steph’s lies. Steph wrecks families. Piper whines and wears her hair in Leia buns. Mark is an ass. Steph is a jerk with added psychological disorders. Where are Paige’s REAL family? Why is Piper so stupid?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: John-Paul and nogoodnik Ste are STILL married? Something is seriously amiss. Ste lectures Diane in joyless fashion. There are high camp aesthetics and this was low on thrill. Diane has general disregard. Harry snots and is awful. Scott wears a green fur jacket. Harry sulks and whines. James has steely edged judgement. Why are Myra and John-Paul eating in Tony’s café? Nobody is believable as a person and not an artificial character. Mercedes and Scott screech at James in public, they’re intentionally oblivious to sense.

James has a plan. Tony is down with that plan. John-Paul won’t listen. Scott is vile. Why hasn’t James noticed the credit card scam? Mercedes is vile. Leela brings her bastard son home and has no remorse about how her cheating drove Cameron crazy. She promptly ditches the bastard to go clubbing and drinking with the son of her bastard’s father. Leela is scum. Harry is at uni. Ste is sick of Harry’s crap and is NOT part of Tony’s family. Goldie’s twins bore. Where is Ryan? Ste and John-Paul reconnect. Harry is just Ste’s bit on the side. This just doesn’t past muster. John-Paul and Ste make out in oddly un-involving fashion.

John-Paul is thankless and full of distain for James. Harry visits John-Paul to demand he sign the divorce papers. This from the man-slut who stole John-Paul’s husband and wrecked his marriage with no remorse and lied about him. He has some nerve. Shane makes threats and does crafty sideways glances. This was not abundantly fresh and endlessly imaginative. Ste is sick of Harry and not before time. Leela is AWFUL. Where is her baby when she’s out clubbing? Scott ruins everything. Diane is vile and has bare-faced mendacity. Cameron gets 114 years? Finn attacks James. John-Paul is not emotionally resilient. This has no emotional charge.

Best Lines:
“Serial killer ex.”

“Start supporting me.”
“I can’t.”
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