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Book Reviews: SS-GB + Worlds Of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Volume One

SS-GB by Len Deighton
This 1978 novel has been reprinted to tie in with the BBC1 drama. This is an alternate history. It is 1941 and the Nazis occupy England after it surrendered due to losing the Battle of Britain. Churchill has been executed, the King is a prisoner in the Tower of London, people collaborate and the ‘hero’ is full of overplayed nastiness as he gets by. This is a dark look at a world that wasn’t. The hero slowly becomes aware thats what happening behind the scenes is world threatening but nobody is paying attention. This is a good tale of urban paranoia, arrogance, a sense of sadness, morbid and dark doings on. The main flaw in this is that the author lacks any ability to write female characters. Also what is a teleprinter?

Worlds Of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Volume One: Cardassia/Andor by Una McCormack, Heather Jarman
This 2004 entry in the ‘DS9’ relaunch causes dissatisfaction.

The Lotus Flower
Keiko and her petulance is on the unremittingly grim Cardassia and she deals with wicked wretched people who are ludicrously antagonistic and grim, violent and unpleasant. This was doggedly irritating.

The consistently selfish Prynn and Shar are on Andor dealing with the unexamined consequences of Shar’s lunatic selfishness. This is not of profound significance and Prynn’s selfishness is disturbingly evident. There are threats to public morality and Prynn is irredeemably nasty. This was not delightfully inventive. What is the unfathomable event that made Andorians all but infertile?
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