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Supergirl 2x11 + The Moorside 1x02 + Gotham 2x21 + Timeless 1x10 Reviewed

The Martian Chronicles
Mon-El whines about being friend zoned. All the charm of season 1 is gone. This show is not as much fun as it thinks it is. Kara has disenchantment. This show faces the grim nadir. Maggie and Alex are not genuinely interesting companions. Where is Max Lord? Kara is an inexhaustible ass. M’gann wines. There is no shared moral character. A White Martian shows up to have bad VFX. There is no abundant joy or social cataclysm from you know, aliens.

M’gann’s quest for atonement bores. Winn is sick of Kara’s crap. This had no immense gravity or import. Kara is disagreeable. Where is the POTUS? M’gann has repressed coyness. There is no true hope of affection. M’gann has cultural anxieties. There is no irresistible psychological insight. M’gann is conflicted. Where is James? The White Martians plot ruination. Fake Alex lips off. M’gann buggers off. Where is Cat? Mon-El is a dick. This bored.

Best Lines:
“I’m going over there now.”

“You are not your people.”

“It was always cold.”

“One pure hive.”

“An arrangement. Not a choice.”

“The worst of our kind.”

“Deadly aliens besiege my place of work.”

The Moorside 1x02
Deadly dodgy people who look like they can’t abide soap have faces screwed up with the effort of thought. Karen’s inadvertent self-revelation goes on. There is no deep logic in action. This is a symptom of a disintegrating society. Everything Karen does effectively undermines her. There are cultural anxieties. Karen can’t deflect all blame and has no honest responses. She’s undemonstrative and unsatisfactory. Julie is loud. Karen is incandescent when social services take her children. Karen is a shameful failure as a mother and a person. Julie ignores her own kids. Karen is thankless. There is no cultivated mystery as Karen has pseudo-logic and takes uncomplicated glee in playing the victim. Julie and Natalie discuss rampant sexual abuse. Julie is Karen’s uncritical companion. There is unintelligible dialogue. Karen is morally unavailable. There is no love or affection. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Earn that forgiveness.”

“Shut up you.”

“Your feelings are not relevant.”

“It weren’t my fault.”

“Sitting on his knee at Craig’s dad’s funeral.”

“Have you shagged him?”

“Hostility towards him on the estate.”

“They won’t have me.”

“He hates me and all.”

“Nasty hard faced cow.”

A Legion Of Horribles
The Court of Owls (aka a woman in a silly mask) are funding Hugo Strange cos they want immortality. Bruce does continued beratement. Gordon is unloved, isolated and alone. Penguin bores and yells. Fish is brought back from the dead and she has super-powers. Groan. Ivy lurks. Strange monotones. Firefly has a silly costume and is barking mad. This was silly. Did Strange create Clayface?

Best Lines:
Meat dust.”

“We’ve woken the dead.”

“Whom I miss ironic, as that might seem.”

The Capture of Benedict Arnold
People talk and Benedict Arnold switches sides. Flynn shows up and asks for help. People talk and this was dull. Flynn carries Lucy off. Lord this was BAD.

Best Line:
“He needs to think you’re innocent.”
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