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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Trash Fire’ (2016) trailer
Ill-favoured people are awful. Cold sinister people act in ways not indicative of a rational mind. This looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“Waiting for my parents to die.”

“I hate your guts.”
“Yeah. What else is new?”

“She’s a very bad girl.”

‘The Barn’ (2016) trailer
This 80s style horror looks good. On Halloween, demons come for the flesh of the living to take it back to hell. This looks excellent and a devastating reckoning is coming for idiots.

Best Lines:
“Be careful what you mock.”

“The watcher of the pumpkin patch.”

“You are their treat.”

‘Detour’ trailer
A boy wants rid of his stepfather. There is a useless girlfriend and a stereotyped thug. Nah, this is not dread filled.

Best Lines:
“The killing type.”

“It ain’t you.”

“Don’t regret the things you do.”

“I got you all wrong didn’t I?”

‘Mermaids’ (1990) promo

‘Arrow’ promo ‘The Sin-Eater
Now this I’ll watch.

Ben & Jerry Empower Mint - TOO MINTY.
Milk chocolate with salted butterscotch & maple syrup - nah.
Made gluten free brownies with goat butter - it singed but tastes okay.

When will we get a trailer for burny death beam movie ‘The Last Jedi’?

Anyone see the 1990 ‘Lord of the Flies’?

‘Mermaids’ (1990) was not good.

I won’t review ‘The Flash’ 3x12 ‘Untouchable’.

Recall ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold’?

Ever seen the 1985 ‘Morons From Outer Space’?

Ever see the 1996 TV movie ‘Innocent Victims’ about Tim Hennis and his ‘wrongful’ conviction for a triple murder. The thing was as the 3rd trial proved, he was guilty.

Houseguest stole one of my gluten free jam tarts and runs around house at 5am. He is clearly going for drama as he screams about needing “warmth and love”, yells about needing to be “protected”, yells down the phone and mispronounces “3”. He yells down phone some more, yelling at someone about how to print something and deals with neighbours who obviously hate him.

‘Star Wars: Darth Vader #6’ Quote:
“I have a son. He will be mine. It will all be mine.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You settled for less.”

“High profile attention.”

“That is an idiotic statement.”

“Making different decisions and choices.”

“Incites me with rage.”

“Some random food from the foodbank.”

“All the clothing we own.”

“Pretty much everything we own. Right here in the van.”

“Paramedic talents.”

“High risk situations.”

“Get this baby to safety.”

‘The Sun’ Quotes:
“Drinking massively who vomits in the street and leaves with the first man to pick them up.”

“Star of their own ludicrous drama.”

“Rampant egomania.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Very emotive issue.”

“Legacy medium.”

“A vast network of conspiracy.”

“Fundamentally distrustful.”

“What is democratically tolerable.”

“Laid low by a black-hearted woman.”

“Woman to meet their sexual needs.”

“Expression of regret.”

“Not an exercise in vengeance.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Fairly non-committal.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quote:
“Gift purchase teams.”

‘SS-GB’ Quotes:
“He’s the only friend you’ve got left.”

“Preventive detention.”

“Their over-dressed women.”

“They wouldn’t let in the front door, not even to collect the money they owed me for the champers.”

“I can remember you shouting that you were going to do me, from the dock.”

“Our casualties didn’t matter, they told us that.”

“Labour service obligation.”

“I heard rumours.”
“They are all true, believe me.”

“Smiled as if pleased to be noticed.”

“Suited only men who led dance-bands.”

‘Death Row Stories’ Quote:
“Let the truth fall where it may.”

‘Good Omens’ Quotes:
“A favourite game in the quarry had been based on a highly successful film series with a laser, robots and a princess who wore her hair like a pair of stereo headphones TM.”

“The game normally ended in a fight to be the one who was allowed to wear the coal scuttle TM and blow up planets.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Steph abandons her unborn surrogate baby. Mark reveals Steph’s cheating with sleazy élan. He’s not a coldly menacing dark brooding presence. Sonya skulks around. Mark has sexual jealously. Does Willow fancy Ben? Steph does a venomous denunciation and malign interpretation of Sonya. She is viciously disliked by Toadfish, whose marriage is a perpetual hell. Sonya is of dubious sanity. Poisonous relations between Sonya and Toadfish continue. There are no profound implications. Easy dick Aaron bores. ‘Dee’ has Toadie hang out with her to spite Sonya.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: morally degenerate Mac PUSHED Nathan out of the window to his death. Will his murderous intent strike again? Where is Grace? Cleo made Celine’s funeral all about her and makes Nathan’s death all about her. Mac’s insanely violent behaviour goes unpunished. Marnie yells. Mac is unbearably aggressive. John-Paul learns Finn wants out, he’s sadness personified. James finally shows up. Is he going bald?

James’ siblings ignore his pain in psychologically vexing fashion. Cleo is wholly ignorant. There is no sadness or urgency. Why wasn’t James at Celine’s funeral? Mercedes is not sexually luscious but she talks sense into Myra. This has no curious fascination. Mac and his murderous vengefulness has no profound sorrow. He has a dire legacy. Alfie whines. Diego is a waiter. Why is Mac subjecting James to relentless denigration? Cleo tantrums and I have deep loathing for her. She is a serious detriment to the show. I miss Dr Paul. James is relentlessly dour - why isn’t he with his family?

Cleo has no moral worth and she’s not an insightful conversationalist. Lisa sits on the floor and has confounding opacity about murderous Mac. Ellie pines mournfully. Lisa mourns that her filth fest killed Nathan. James broods. Mac’s latest mortifying ploy is to manipulate Marnie. Myra labours. Where is Kim? This was not finely wrought. Why are James’ family so awful to him? Mac attacks James. Where is Bart? James is emotionally bereft.

Lisa has a quest for atonement. Why does nobody defend James? Cleo attacks Lisa, and says she deserved to have Nathan. Why doesn’t Lisa slap her? Cleo screams that she loved Nathan better. Cleo ignores that Nathan didn’t want her. Cleo is extravagantly unattractive. Cleo makes it all about her. Myra seems to gives birth out her ass. She names her child Carmina Celeste. Nathan is gone from the opening credits. James plays with Matthew, John-Paul’s ignored son. Ste gurns and is lazy. Nancy is a malign, inconsolable, tragic disappointment. Frankie and Diego yell. Marnie is sad. Diane is not unfathomably embarrassed by Finn’s sentence review. Nancy yells. Sally skulks. Marnie loses her mind. Mac disses Lisa. Ste comforts John-Paul who is obviously unnerved. Lisa leaves. James stews and represents Finn. Mac makes vaguely ominous promises.

Best Lines:
“Your proper family”

“You’re no father.”

“You can’t afford me.”

“Strong and long.”

“I forgave you before.”

“A McQueen, over me!”

“The wrong son fell out that window.”
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