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Book Reviews: Lois Lane Fallout + Simply Divine

Lois Lane Fallout by Gwenda Bond
The 1st in a reimagining of a teenage Lois Lane who pokes and pries in Metropolis. She has an annoyingly secretive online friend named SmallvilleGuy and an enduring fascination with getting into trouble and being opinionated. There is no emotional vulnerability just cumulative insults and indignities. This does not resonate, SmallvilleGuy is callously dismissive and this was not a standout turn.

The baddies have no sheer evil menace. Technobabble is spewed and characters are unnecessarily unpleasant and resolutely irritating. Lois and her scrappy determination is an ultra noble arch sneerer. For all this book’s supposed seriousness this does not seethe with tension nor does it present as convincing. There are 2 sequels with Lois dealing with more malign scenarios. No thanks. This was unexemplary.

Best Lines:
“I entreat you not to talk to me. They might ascertain that I’ve spoken to someone.”

“I reject that compromise.”

“Makes you lose your personality.”

“You are persistent at bothering us.”

“Learn to fear us.”

“I don’t do caution.”

Simply Divine by Wendy Holden
Holden was the ghost-written for the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s gossip column and this is her thinly veiled account of it. This wasn’t good or funny.
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