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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jackie’ promo
No, not transgressive and not exactly revelatory.

‘The Replacement’ promo
This BBC1 drama about maternity leave gone bad looks good.

Best Line:
“She wants me out!”

‘Female Trouble’ (1975) trailer
This has Divine, big hair and looks like bad art house sleaze. This is full of perverse acts and low taste.

Best Lines:
“Nice girls don’t wear cha cha heels!”

“Clean underpants. What does she expect?”

“Never have I encountered such a morally bankrupt group of people.”

Dark chocolate with clementine - yum.

Why does houseguest get up at night?

Anyone ever see ‘Bad Channels’ or ‘The Matchmaker’? Or ‘The Wedding Banquet’? Or ‘Sleeper’? Or ‘Fletch Lives’? Or ‘Multiplicity?

‘Just Friends’ (2005) was naff.

Ressentiment - a deep emulative rage.

Chain plaits are a thing?

Recall ‘Brass Eye’? Or ‘Airwolf’? Or ‘Laverne & Shirley’?

Grimm’ is cancelled?

I may review ‘Testament of Youth’.

Recall the ‘Star Wars: Dark Empire’ comics?

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Lets his woman go out on the street.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Returning there was not an option.”

‘The Telegraph’ Quote:
“The only people you’ll see in Berghain in heels and fake nails are transvestites.”

‘The Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“Think we’re all drunken tarts with no morals.”

“Taken by a gipsy.”

‘The Kindred’ (1987) Quotes:
“Looks like a well poisoner.”

“He did work in germ warfare research.”

“Who knows what he might become?!?”

“Don’t be tempted.”

“Burn the journals.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Whiny complaints cast him in a pretty unfavourable light.”

“The emptiness of realising that his life crested more than 50 years previously.”

“Ill-advised holiday boyfriend.”

“Known whores.”

“Communicate emotion truthfully.”

“Allow emotion to live truthfully in your body.”

“A presentational style that isn’t truthful.”

“Malign illusion.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
What else is money for?”

Clearly cannot wait for death.”

“They are a menace to the rest of us.”

“Entitled to mix concrete in his front garden wearing just his work boots.”

“Standing ominously.”

“A maharani is stoned to death by her attendants while they are doing her hair.”

“Offer interpretations that are damning.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Look where my DNA leads.”

“You’re my favourite guy that mom’s brought home.”

‘Daniel And Majella’s B&B Road Trip’ Quote:
“A leprechaun tunnel.”

‘:AM’ Quote:
“State vilification.”

On ‘Neighbours’: the morally earnest Toadie who is also a bitter selfish git fawns over fake ‘Dee’ who undermines his capacity to make rational decisions. Ned plans to move to the Gold Coast. Drab finds bother. The profoundly immoral ‘Dee’ is without any redeeming features. Aaron wears a stupid cupid costume. Elly’s fake veneers look FAKE. Toadfish has no concept of integrity. This was not finely nuanced. Just hollow and artistically unsatisfying. Steph is increasingly wretched. This fails to tell any sort of coherent story. There are painfully strained line readings. Mark is an irrationally furious pompous blowhard. Toadfish deserves scorn and derision.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Mac and Marnie have prevailing unease and gloom. Grace is still in the opening credits. Sally and Myra have pretension. John-Paul lurks. Where is James? TPTB cause deleterious effects. Nick is notoriously awful. This is done with no discernible conviction. Where is Porsche? Cleo flirts with Nathan at her sister’s funeral. The McQueens tell Cleo to steal Nathan from Lisa just after Celine is buried. At their engagement party, Nathan walks in on Mac and Lisa getting it on and ends up ‘falling’ out a window. Hilarious!

Best Line:
“Slept with her boyfriend and faked a tumour.”
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