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Book Review: The Dry

The Dry by Jane Harper
In a drought-ridden Australian small town, a family are massacred. A man returns to the blunt and uncompromising small town to find out what happened and faces the wretched townsfolk who make insinuations and mock and reject him all over again. This is a dull tale of a cultural gulf, vanished glory and a self appointed avenger. This had promise at first but is squalid and creates no great enthusiasm.

Best Lines:
“Toffee My Cow In Heaven.”

“There were too many lost chances for that vision to have played out.”

“Why does he always get away with it?”

“That is aggressive language and I take that as a threat.”

“It’s like Deliverance around here sometimes,”

“Nowhere much to drive to.”

“Found himself struggling to remember, once again, why they were still friends.”

“You’ve seen first-hand what happens when you stand out here. That’s all we wanted to avoid.”

“Some things had to be lived with.”
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