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Legends Of Tomorrow 2x10 Reviewed

The Legion Of Dead
The LOD aren’t present and important. They’re in a negative place and are flinty faced conspirators, due to the botox and fake tan. This does not engage seriously or creatively. The LOT are dumb. Rip is a special snowflake. The LOD do not live among the righteous. Damien isn’t conciliatory and has no honour or civility. This steals any joy. TPTB devalue the show some more.

This ep conspicuously fails to deliver. This was not harrowing. Merlyn has no dignified rage and Thawne is in a permanent state of fury. He’s coldly offhand, curt, unfeeling and without nuance. Jax whines. Damien is highly unpleasant and malicious and there is no lively state of fun. Merlyn glowers through his fillers. Sara and Stein have no intellectual thought.

Rip whines and has bitterly comic indignities happen to him. This was not engaging. The LOD are baroquely unpleasant and have malicious glee. There is taunting and Mick is a jerk. There is bad acting and Stein gets way too much screen-time. Thawne is on the run from his own non-existence. His campaign of threats, abuse, intimidation and coercion is undone by his consistent lying. Is that thing what is left of fake Jay? This was naff.

Best Lines:
“Am I supposed to be afraid of you?”

“Lost to history.”

“Treating me like a henchman.”

“I don’t find you threatening.”

“People he thought were his friends.”

“I am unimpressed.”


“My working assumption.”
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