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Book Review: Twilight

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I've given in and read the 1st of Meyer's sparkly vampires books. It was okay, somewhat accurate in its depiction of teenage love but the subtext is worrying. Bella the world's clumsiest, most passive 16 year old comes to Forks and falls for the mysterious Edward Cullen. He's so dreamy and male model perfect and she's in love with him. He's also a vampire and keeps warning her that he could kill her and she's afraid of angering him or making him hurt her. But it's true love and they'll be together forever.

Bella is a typical selfish teenager, obsessing over her boyfriend to the exclusion of all else but her relationship with Edward is fraught with creepiness. Edward comes across as a 'Sleeping with the Enemy' style abuser-in-training, his behaviour and attitude to Bella is disturbing at times. Bella seems to love Edward because he's handsome overlooking the fact that he's patronizing and a danger to her. I'll read 'New Moon' and see how things go from there.
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