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Amerika (1987) part 6
The completely unfeasible drama goes on. Devin is not interesting and is entirely self-indulgent. The Soviets and Devin’s evil ex-wife do dreary and lifelessly plodding things. The drunken hobo looking Devin is an utter cretin and I’ve no emotional investment in him. Peter functions within the limits of reality. There is a blatant JFK portrait. This mini-series can be decidedly tedious. People go to the USSR as volunteer workers - no one has come back.

This was an unstructured mess without basic logic or continuity. Denisov is conflicted about what he is doing. Things get increasingly implausible and unconvincing. People have general malaise. This was disturbingly repetitive and seemingly endless. The Soviets have common socipathic tendencies for no credible reason. Peter wears a nice suit and talks to the POTUS. This was not astute or intense.

Devin complains about the collapsed Rust Belt, the USA doesn’t have a productive capacity now. The cities are dying but why? Devin has a pail of woe; he voices concern and drops exposition. Justin isn’t dead but is in a brainwashing camp. This has poisonous ideas, moral education and this was okay heartfelt camp but essentially unremarkable. The characters have no emotional lives or moral integrity. There was no cultural conversation. The Soviets have unshakeable power. Devin does furious staring and weary recognition. Jackie has patent shock and credulity.

This does not evoke emotion. The Soviets don’t want social liberalisation. Peter does exposition. Jackie’s brother Scott does nothing. This had no eeriness and was exceptionally shallow, tedious and passé with shock value ethos. There is no well constructed dialogue or subplots that make sense. People act in ways that don’t fit remotely with how they’ve acted up to now. There is no tenseness or underlying edge. There is an ill considered attack on the squatters.

Why is everyone wearing hats? This was utterly ludicrous and remarkably slipshod that makes no logical sense and goes for shock value rather than plot coherence. People applaud Peter. The squatters including one of the East Germans are run over by tanks. The attack scene is so dumb it’s painful. TPTB want Russians to be reviled. There is no real thought for the consequences. The attack scene has zero impact and there is no underlying structure or hint of intention. There are few likeable characters and no working narrative.

Best Lines:
“They make it sound good.”

“We do not trust you.”

“Someone else will.”

“They’ve given up on America.”
“Haven’t you?”

“Dispense privilege to some and withhold it from others.”

“Create the impression that things aren’t as bad as they are.”

“The late great state of Indiana.”

“Course of my life has not been what I expected it to be.”

“Soon there will be no America.”

“Hated by people I don’t even know.”

“What if they’re the wrong ones?”

“Sad man.”

“Those truths stopped being real.”

“They’re allowed out?”

“American refugees.”

“Angry and unhelpful feelings.”

Z Nation 3x15

Everybody Dies In The End
The make-up on Lucy is appalling. How many psychosis inducing pathogens has 10k been shot up with? Addy doesn’t give 10k a second thought. Why is Lucy the emotional lever? There is mumbling. 10k has Red and 5k as his family. Aaw. Why does 10k wear those goggles on his head? Murphy shoots up. Sun Mei does elaborate braids in her very clean looking hair.

Murphy yells. He has defiant openness with his awfulness. Warren has been more than reasonably accommodating to Murphy. Where do they all get petrol? The Man broods. Addy’s henna is holding up. 10k has another emotional crisis. Things are going bad in Zona. 10k stares. Doc is in trouble. Addy free climbs. There is a revelation about Murphy that makes no sense. Warren seems to be wearing a bra that is 2 cup-sizes too small. Warren strangles 10k but he lives. There goes Addy’s z whacker. What is The Man’s agenda? What’s become of Citizen Z? Various depredations take place. There is appalled shock and a lack of integrity.

There are guns, no clear statement of intent for season 4, Lucy is erratic, there is slapping and is Warren a blend now? Murphy bleeds red. This was goodish and there is a cliffhanger as a Zone A ship shows up, there is a cliff fall, a cliff jump and a blaster. What next?

Best Lines:
“He’s a blend. He can’t turn.”

“Just in case I’m wrong.”

“Whatever these Zona freaks have become.”


“Nod. Shake.”

“Choke. Die. Bite. Inject.”

“You are not my saviour.”
“Thank god for that.”

“No mercy.”

“Oh come on dammit!”

Supergirl 2x10

We Can Be Heroes
Mon-El and Supergirl train. This was not resonant. Why is it imperative that Mon-El be a hero? Guardian poses. Winn whines. Does M’gann’s cell have a toilet? Livewire is busted out of jail. She is caked in make-up. There are no grim moments. Livewire has internalised rage and Kara has vague animosity and determinence. Livewire is not a perilous challenge. This was incongruous. J’onn rages. Kara has no effusive praise for Guardian.

Why is Mon-El wearing stupid sunglasses? Kara issues recriminations. Kara is an entitled brat in a skater skirt. Where is Lucy Lane? There is sap and bad fights. I don’t care. There is moral rectitude and deliberate obfuscation. Who cares about the twat brigade? The White Martians are coming. This was BAD.

Best Lines:
“Disapproving non smile.”

“Mistakes were made.”

“I’m a little shot.”

“Beautiful war.”

“Kind of her nemesis.”

“Drown in her own sins.”

“They will not forgive.”

“All-American Barbie.”

The Moorside (2017) 1x01
This BBC1 two part drama is based on the Shannon Matthews case. On a chav estate Sheridan Smith plays Julie the friend of the thick immature Karen Matthews whose daughter Shannon went missing in 2008. A massive search begins and Karen’s behaviour is increasingly disquieting from scene 1 on. Everyone knows the ’disappearance’ was all a result of her corrosive questing ambition for money. There is mumbling and undemonstrative parents who are surreptitiously sneaky. They knowingly deviated from their role. Julie leads the community and Karen’s other friend Natalie is suspicious. Karen acts bizarrely. Kids backtalk. Karen has audacity and there will be lifelong profound consequences for all of this. Karen acts like a parody. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He’s already had me excluded.”

“Trying to help not judge.”

“Social watching you.”

“Most people don’t live like that.”

“Not quite ringing true.”

“They’re always going on telly.”

“Chopped up in a wheelie bin.”

Gotham 2x20

Strange smirks, Gordon rants and Riddler bores. Butch and Tabitha are useless. Bruce annoys and Alfred is useless. Selina lurks. Butch cries and Penguin lurks. There is yelling and a fight. This was RUBBISH even as Theo is taken out by an RPG as he makes mongoloid noises. The acting is BAD.

Best Lines:
“Some nut job in a Halloween costume and cape.”

“The bad guys in this town just keep getting weirder and weirder.”

“Dressed like a ninja from medieval times.”

Timeless 1x09

Last Ride Of Bonnie and Clyde
Lucy has boring issues with her fiancée. Wyatt is tragedy haunted. There are no real emotional consequences for anything. Lucy and Wyatt hang out with Bonnie and Clyde. Someone is warned off. Flynn is after and gets a gold key. This bored.

Best Lines:
“His name is Wesley Snipes.”

“Infinite political wisdom.”

MacGyver (2016 - ?) 1x01

The Rising
Angus MacGyver is the smug git star of this unwanted reboot. There is an annoying voiceover and no infectious exuberance or limitless possibilities. Things are fundamentally inconsistent and one is discouraged from caring. There is extreme disregard for logic and the star is intractably smug. This was sludgy and monotonous and tonally flat. People have bad intentions and this reboot was woefully unneeded. There is death and the theme tune is crap. Vinnie Jones shows up as the bad guy. An ill-used BFF is a walking stereotype. They work for the DXS and I gave up 22 minutes in. Did I miss much? I doubt it.

Best Lines:
“You don’t look that smart.”

“If I need a weapon, I’ll make one.”

“Break out the chewing gum.”

“Give me Wang! Don’t make me beg for it.”

“30,000 years old.”

“Something they dug up.”

“30,000 year old weaponised virus.”
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